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Thursday, October 27, 2011



I am writing this in response to my Constitutional Rights that were violated, and the justice that my family never got. These rights that we never got are supposed to be guaranteed to us according to the Constitution of the United States.

I am not sure what all you want so I am trying to cover all bases so I am only sending stuff that you can verify for you own purposes.
Here is a copy of my Sworn Affidavit that was filed in court I sent it as an attachment because it is not on a web site that has a link.
This is the original story that is posted on AFRA 
This is the press release I made up after the gag order expired

Here is the link to the story that was on the front page of the paper on 10-26-2011There
There are also 2 videos that the media did just this last week.
I have No Respect For A Government That Allows it's employees to let children be Abused, Raped and Murdered all so they can make money off of them.
God Bless,

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