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Monday, October 31, 2011

From Viorica

Hello everybody. My name is Viorica Lungu, originally from Romania, but Canadian citizen since 1991.  I cannot imagine, but what happened it is 100% a real story. On March 24, 2009, I drove as usual far enough from my place where I live, to Maple Ridge, BC, for the father to have visitation for 3 hours with our children. I left them at the social worker's place thinking they will be safe, but after an hour social worker's called me to say that they have removed my children from me, without even a court order!! The father lied that I alienate my children against him. Every time my children came back from their father they were upset, crying, that the father twisted my older daughter's wrist, yelled at them, shook her vigorously in parking lot, etc. It was never ending. Instead of looking into situation for the best interest of the children, social workers decided to remove my children from me and give them directly to the father whom they feared the most!! I have asked social worker Maria Miem Swart, why she didn’t come to my place before kidnapping my children at least once to investigate and see how happy my children were with me? She said: "There was no need to go to your place Viorica, we know you are an excellent mother"! So why did you steal my children from me if I am an excellent mother? She said: "Because you don't get along with the father"! I have never heard of the perfect society after divorcing and he does not get along with me either!

Who are these social workers in Canada and why televisions and newspapers refuse to publish this criminal act of separating children from their mother for almost 2 and half years? I never drank alcohol in my life, never took drugs, I have never left my children alone, I never emotionally or physically harmed my children. I am a mother and I need to take care of my children who were only 3 and 6 years old at the time of removal on March 24, 2009. The father was born in Canada and I was born in Romania. I used to talk to my children in Romanian language and they used to speak it flawlessly with no accent, and that was the only language I talk to them at home. Social workers in their reports said that they were assuming when the mother was talking to her children in Romanian she must have coached her children against their father, but they did not speak Romanian themselves to understand what I was exactly saying was actually the opposite of what they were thinking and they refused to bring a Romanian translator for them to understand what I was saying. They found excuses that the government does not have enough funds to pay for a translator, the mother talk very well in English and she should speak to her children only in English; On August 16, 2010 I took social workers to the Human Rights Tribunal for 9 days and they found an excuse to say that they were looking to find a Romanian translator, but Romanian is such a rare language and that’s why they couldn’t find one. (Romania has been there for more than 2000 years. At first under the name of Dacia and when the Romans came they have changed it with Romania). I couldn’t believe this discrimination in Canada where it supposed to have Human Rights. Since August 16, 2010, until now, almost a year since we had a trial at Human Rights Tribunal, I did not get any response. Why? I do not understand, but I told the chairman (judge) at the Human Rights tribunal, that if there is no Human Rights, at the Human Rights Tribunal, there is no Human Rights in Canada!!!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Social workers said in their report that alienation is not part of their removal Act, but in this case they are doing it anyways because of the high conflict between the parents! Social worker Diane Keegan in her cross examination at Supreme Court has testified that if the mother will be awarded with sole custody, we will keep her in supervised access until the children will be 18, and if the father will be awarded with sole custody, we will drop the case against the mother at the Provincial court. What does it mean this? In my opinion 100% discrimination. There was no need to remove my children from me. I did all my best to take care of them on my own before the removal.  Julianna has finished Montessori day care and Kindergarten where she has graduated. Then I have sent her to the best Catholic private school where she was in her first grade, and my youngest Loretta to the Montessori, before they kidnaped my children from me and placed them in public school because the father refused to pay. Before the removal of my children, the Japanese Judge who got seized of our custody case since 2007 and refuses to unseaze has given social workers a hint: What would be the procedure to remove the children from a parent. I understood the allusion, but since I was not at fault with anything, as the social worker Mariam Miem Swart said that I was an excellent mother, I did not believe my children will ever be removed from me without reason, barbaric and without a court order? I have all the documents to prove.

I want to get my children back as soon as possible. This revenge it is not doing any good to my children to live far away from their mother. No children in this world should be put in this situation to suffer without their mother who loves them unconditionally. I love to spoil my children and they really knew what loves mean being close to their mother, grandparents, Romanian community, God mothers. My children they were kept away from everything that is called Romanian. The father lied that all the Romanian community is emotionally harming my children and they are prohibited to go to the Romanian Orthodox Church. The way they ignore you to silence you by not give you any Human Rights, and tortures you psychologically and make you wait forever for an answer, it is indescribable!! Since the Japanese judge has given sole custody to the father based on hearsay and assumption on April 19, 2010, the father had all the power to revenge and in 480 days I saw my children only 9 times for 36 hours in total. Can you imagine the pain of my children not being able to see their mother in Canada...? Is this normal? A lawyer in court told me that judges are immune to the Human Rights and the Constitution of Canada, they are private. I have asked social workers to answer all my questions in writing and they refuse. I am still waiting. I have made a complaint about social workers to Ombudsman and they are waiting for the social workers to answer them in writing, still no answer to me and Ombudsman! To justify their criminal Act of removing my children, social workers labeled me that I emotionally harm them, but they are not doctors Psychologist to accuse me of such calumny! Social workers and the Japanese Judge has refused to send my children to see a Psychologist at Children's Hospital, because of this emotional harm done caused to my children from removing them from their mother! They refuse to give us the section 15 for a Psychologist to assess all of us inclusive our children. We are not in the 3rd world country to have our children removed barbaric from their mother in 2009.


  1. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Viorica, you are so full of crap! anyone with half a brain can read the transcripts online! have been labelled a narcissist-- by a psychiatrist no less!, you have waged a campaign of terror, and destruction on anyone who doesn't see your have stolen over 150,000 from an old lady that you have twisted her thinking towards so much hate that she is suffering beyond measure. You are a despicable human being who has no right to see her children ever again.

  2. Anonymous7:30 PM

    This is no other but Viorica`s EX slandering her here again. Viorica has only been labeled and slandered by her EX. You bastard liar, prove in the Internet that she stole $150.000 from your mother.Prove everything if you have the guts and stop lying! You lie so much the same as you lied about the children. Your mother was a 90 years old lady who was crying all over to see her granddaughters, which are Viorica`s children and you refused on purpose to allow her to see her granddaughters, your own mother. Everybody could see her in the You Tube and you refused to fulfill her last wish. You did not associate with your own mother for 20 years and than you lied in court for the final revenge to your mother that Viorica should be prohibited to contact her directly or indirectly under false accusations that she is harassing, abusing and emotionally harming your mother. Your mother lived in a small room in the old people`s home care, with no money penniless and you bastard keep on lying. You should be held responsible for all of these false accusations, lies and slander against your ex wife. Viorica Lungu fears for her life because of you have threatened her with the gun. I am Viorica`s mniidebrother and if you do not stop this slander against her I will publish all of your illegal activities for everybody to see. Costel.


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