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Monday, October 31, 2011

From Denise

Our boy, who has Autism and is non verbal has been in a group home now for 16 months and the only reason he was taken away from his loving, safe home and caring, loving mother and aunt, is because he missed some school 2 years ago.

He has suffered so much pain and misery at the group home, and he can't even speak about it. We are his voice.

They have neglected him to the point of him getting a severe infection called Cellulitis and that's only one of the many times he's been hurt, now they won't allow his own mother into the group home, to medical appointments, to contact them to ask how he is, nothing. She still has her parental rights but the caseworker, magistrate and even her own lawyer is going right along with this group home.

Here is our story:

Our CPS story shortened:


Denver County Juvenile Court Magistrate sided with DDHS caseworker,  and Permanently Placed our son, who has non verbal Autism, SID, ( sensory integration disorder), among other Autism related disorders, into a loud, chaotic, crowded, unloving, unsanitary  and understaffed group home with 10 other boys/men ranging in ages from 8-21, simply because he missed some school two years ago. He's been away from his loving home and parents for 16 months and now permanently placed out of home in a group home, for no reason but their own profit, who is also drugging him unnecessarily with an antipsychotic drug, Risperdal, that he does not need to be on! Along with Xanax and Trazadone  300 mg.

We have one short visit a week and that is an unfathomable injustice. He needs to be home permanently!
This is an OUTRAGE!

He belongs at home where he receives the most love, care and affection any child could ever receive as well as a safe, peaceful home environment where he has all his special needs met, like augmentative speech therapy for example, as well as his basic needs. Where he has his OWN BEDROOM and all of his belongings. Currently he shares a bedroom with 4 other boys. He's not sleeping well at all.

Also, all the things he loves in the world, his TV/VCR and movies, his catalogs, magazines, books, toys, swing, etc. are unavailable to him there.

not to mention the group home is full of flies landing on everything including on OUR child's mouth , mice, bees, mosquitoes.

Please spread the word about this OUTRAGEOUS judgment made by DDHS and the Magistrate, who in fact did not give us a fair hearing and would not let his own mother speak her side before ruling with the Department of human services. This is after we have completed the entire service plan and every court order we've been ordered for the last,over, THREE years  since they have been in our lives, ALL because of false allegations, lies  and missing some school.

They have ALL done the most EXTREME INJUSTICE to our family but especially to our sweet, innocent, boy who longs to be home with us!

Thank you for your help, in advance, in getting our boy home where he belongs.


Denise and Donna

For Christopher as we ARE HIS VOICE!

Please help us get our story out.

Thank you!

Prayers would be greatly appreciated also.

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  1. To Denise:

    My name is Velvet Martin and I work in rehabilitation with children with disability and as a hospital spokesperson in pediatrics. I am the mother of Samantha Martin, angel.

    Prior to the birth of my daughter, I had no experience whatsoever with diversity and I was afraid. Samantha taught me the gift/necessity of standing up for what is right. I was very shy, but these are issues far too precious - children, those with disabilities and the elderly - to be neglected. Someone has to be their voice.

    This is why I speak - not just for Samantha & I - but for all who are vulnerable. Most people would not suspect that I am a recipient of Child Welfare... There is such stigma associated with the System. However, unless touched directly, people don't realize who actually comprises the System... Not just abusive parents, but parents who are affected solely by circumstances such as disability, poverty, lack of education, ethnicity and those who grew up in the System themselves. Everyone is vulnerable.



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