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Monday, October 31, 2011

From Anonymous 4

Nearly 4 years ago my daughter, who lives in El Dorado County, had left her abusive boyfriend but tried to be equitable about allowing him to see their daughter. He in turn left the child alone to find her and attempt suicide in her presence.

My daughter was asked by CPS if she used drugs. She answered that she smoked pot.

Long story short, CPS turned the child over to the mother of the abuser.Mydaughter was ordered to attend rehab, to attend parenting classes, to attend counselling-all of which she did.

The Other Grandma, as I have come to call her, has slung false allegations-which were proved false-has perjured herself on the witness stand and was proved to be doing so-has twisted the child's head so that the 5 year old is now parroting her lies and is a candidate for P.A.S. and is cheerfully marching towards adoption of the child.

She has never recieved any consequence, not even a reprimand from the judge for perjuring herself in court.
My daughter, as you might well guess, is distraught beyond repair. Every time we had our hopes up because it could be proved that OG was lying,those hopes have been dashed. I wonder if she is paying someone off.
Now she has alleged the Big One- child molestation. I know in my heart that this did not happen. My daughter would never do that or allow someone to do that. It is interesting to note that this scenario could have very well been borrowed from a recent Dr. Phil show entitled ":Accused of the Unthinkable."

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