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Monday, October 31, 2011

From Shenetta

I need immediate help! How do you stop open adoption when I'm the blood relative?

I've been fighting a long battle to get custody of my sister's children out of foster care. I'm the only relative that have step-ed forward from the beginning. After my sister's children were taken our Mother passed away. To make matter's worse the social worker put on the case had some type of dealings with our mother, so from the beginning the odds were against us. I immediately filed for custody but instead of me fighting for custody they had me fighting to keep one of the children I had already had. After the long battle of obtaining custody of the child I already had and trying to figure out how we were going to pay for our Mother's funeral, I decided to leave the state and still fight for the other children. In the mean time the social worker on the case did everything she could to keep me from seeing the children or even allowing me into the court room at times. Now they threatened my sister that they could take her parental rights or she can agree to an open adoption. What happened to family? Why can't my sister give her parental rights to me? I can't afford a lawyer but I even moved my children into a five bedroom home just so I could prove I have the space for them. I can't understand why the system is so hard to get children out of the system. I love them and I would like to keep all the children together. What's wrong with that?

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