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Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Top 10 Most Dangerous US States for Families Targeted by CPS... And why.

I just did a little study on the current state of Child Welfare in all 50 states.  I sort of took a snap shot in a notebook, of what has been the most recent issues brought up on Legally Kidnapped.  Based on that, I was able to identified certain trends, such as what are the major child welfare concerns in any given state on this particular day, September 20th 2015.  Based on that analysis and the information collected, I give you this list of the Top 10 Most Dangerous US States for Families Targeted by CPS.

This list could of course change at any given time.  Each of the state names and numbers is a clickable link that will bring you to the feed for that particular state.  This is a list based on the most current events over the last few months.

Number 10: Kansas
Kansas is a mess.  Lawmakers are looking into it and unable to figure out what to do. With low educational requirements for CPS Agents and unlicensed investigators.  There is lots of abuse in foster care and parents suing the state because of that and unwarranted removals.  Click on the link above to see what's going on.
Number 9: Maine
Maine has seen a sharp increase in the number of child snatching's over the last few years because being a national model wasn't good enough, leading to a recruitment campaign from the top down regarding a desperate need for new homes.   Parents are trying to sue DHHS for not informing them of an ongoing child abuse investigation at their childrens daycare, and Maine's Indian tribes are accusing CPS of cultural genocide and abuse in foster care.  Maine is also in the bottom 10% when it come to returning kids to their parents.
Number 8: South Carolina
With accusations of failures to investigate child abuse, and overwhelmed CPS Agents.  Cover-up's of child abuse at group homes, a class action lawsuit by the New York based child advocacy group Childrens Rights, and foster kids staying in Motel Rooms.   South Carolina was a shoe in for the list.
Number 7: Rhode Island
Rhode Island makes the list thanks to investigations of fraud into child welfare agencies, lots of abuse in the foster care system, spikes in the number of kids in care and too many of them being warehoused in group homes.  Rhode Island's child welfare system is in a total state to chaos.  
Number 6: Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania makes the list thanks to the complete over-reaction to the Jerry Sandusky case, which has brought about a sort of child abuse hysteria and knee jerk legislation that is unique to that state. Schools and child centered organizations are loosing volunteers due to stringent background check requirements, and mandated reporter laws are intense. There is also lots of abuse in the states foster care system.
Number 5: Florida
With high rates of children aging out of foster care, kids sleeping in CPS offices and motel rooms, violence in juvenile detention facilities, shortages of foster homes, and lots of failure to protect cases, Florida has certainly been an interesting state to watch.  
Number 4: Texas
Texas has a knack for placing foster children in homes where they are murdered.  They also take lots and lots of kids while providing little in terms of preventative services. CPS Agents are also known for evidence tampering.
Number 3: Vermont
Vermont is on a total child snatching spree, with record numbers of kids in foster care. The sudden spike is due to panicky workers who are over-reacting to two child deaths. CPS Agents are also in panic mode after one of them was recently shot and killed by a pissed off parent.  Parents with disabilities are routinely targeted for having their kids removed and the media is right up their assses, analyzing every little move they make. It's better to be safe than sorry.  Vermont is a very scary state for families right now.
Number 2: Arizona
Arizona is arguably the state where you are most likely to loose your child to CPS.  It was a tough decision between this and the number one spot.  Arizona's child welfare system is plagued with shortages of foster homes, and tons of frivolous child snatchings.  Still they react more and more every-time a kid falls through the cracks, but just can't figure out that sending their worker out on wild goose chases takes up too much time so they can't focus on the real abuse cases.  Therefore they just keep taking more and more kids and packing them into wherever they can fit them.  Often more dangerous than their homes.
And the number one most dangerous state for families targeted by CPS in United States at this point in time is....

Number 1: Massachusetts
Massachusetts is in a total state of child abuse hysteria, over-reacting to lots and lots of failure to protect cases where children, both in foster care and while under CPS watch in their homes are being abused, killed, left on the side of the road, and turning up dead in trash bags on the beach.  Panicky CPS Agents have crisis level work loads, an ever increasing number of child removals with a lack of adequate homes to put them in.  Lots of systematic failures and unstable leadership.  It was a tough call between this state and Arizona for the number one spot, but the fact that the Massachusetts Child Welfare System is the worlds biggest media circus right now makes it the clear winner.  


  1. I don't doubt that Massachusetts is #1 their evil there they lie falsifying information to make there next car/house payment it don't matter to them if their ripping a family apart or not. Massachusetts will always be the worst State in my eyes. They mentally abuse both the Biological Parents/Grandparents to sign their child/children away if that don't work they'll do a termination hearing and cancel you out of their lives as they lie to the Judge. The Lawyers ARE NOT ON YOUR SIDE. The Lawyers play the game like their helping you when their actually stabbing you in the back for the bonus. Massachusetts is great on making a false allegation come to life. God Bless Us all who lose/lost a child/children in Massachusetts.

    1. i live in mass and thats exactly what they are doing to me ive never even spanked mykids,, good mom, dont drink or do anything wrong, since they cant find anything wrong they just make stuff up and there is nothing i can do to fight them

    2. i live in mass and thats exactly what they are doing to me ive never even spanked mykids,, good mom, dont drink or do anything wrong, since they cant find anything wrong they just make stuff up and there is nothing i can do to fight them

    3. Same here in Missouri my friends.. it's like happening in every state & in every county..every day.

    4. I don't know why everyone is saying I never spanked my kids. The supreme court. said that spanking your child in it self is not abuse. unless I am sure they are beating them to leave bruises. We should be able to Know the difference. They took 2 of my daughter's children ,with an Afadvit full of lies. We walked in thinking the lawyer would just say , Go in and tell the judge the truth,that she lied about a urine ,she had you take,and asked by phone,never meeting her. No instead ,after my daughter had al original paper work,from her 2 years old birth, Also that she showed up and took her and the baby who was in Children's hospital with bacterial meningitis. That her newborn got from South Shore hospital. So please at least write the truth, There is an epidemic of opiate abuse,caused by Dr.s prescribing them. So many mom's got through their pregnancy ,and with in 2 weeks brought baby home fine.Then they use it against mom's. I was with my daughter on her 3rd, baby ,after they found the 5 year old boy Jeremiah Oliver's little body wrapped in a sheet ,in a duffle bag. DCF said for 9 months they where seeing him,when they where not. Comm. Olga Roche fired the S.W.Supervisor ,and Area manager. Well that's when I knew it wasn't just DCF workers ,and offices that received Bonuses when the law Makers had the only Comm. who did something to hold these liars ,accountable. They grilled one woman on National T.V. asking do you know where all chidren under 5 are right now. I already took custody of my third little baby boy, when I walked into the Hospital, and workers where taking babies off the floor. They found away to get my daughters ,from me, they broke every law.

    5. This happened to my parents they had six girls and they made my parents sign over their rights. This happened in Nebraska. Stay humble remember there is a billion people in this world and always someone I’m a worse situation

    6. I think people need to join forces and REBEL against this! These babies came from your body and NO ONE has the right to take them. As long as you're doing the right thing it's YOUR CHILD AND NO ONE LOVES THEM AS YOU DO. STOP COMPLYING WITH CORRUPT COURTS.



    7. I think people need to join forces and REBEL against this! These babies came from your body and NO ONE has the right to take them. As long as you're doing the right thing it's YOUR CHILD AND NO ONE LOVES THEM AS YOU DO. STOP COMPLYING WITH CORRUPT COURTS.



  2. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Michigan should be 1 that's the worst state

    1. Anonymous1:25 AM

      You got that right, Michigan, will take your child, place them in a foster home, and even tried to have them adopted out, even before you have your day in court. when that day dose come and you keep your rights, your child in not return to you CPS/DHHS have you complete a . program, that in most cases the parent give up. after you complete the program, they want to add more to it. from what I have learn is that they make money from your child. from the state and the Feds and their worker get a lick back, along with the judge, lawyer and even doctors that they have in their pocket. you may think that you are winning but your not.

    2. You cannot win in is a very evil state!!

    3. Fuck Michigan

    4. Oklahoma is just as bad people they are corrupt from the dog catcher all the way to the governor. I'm pretty sure they are selling kids for profit

    5. Iowa is the same way all these that I'm reading is what they did to me . My ex husband does drugs an is a alcoholic for his entire adult life we didnt live together for 7 1/2 of our legally married life because of sexual,physical,mental,emotional abuse he was a very controlling man not just to me but our 4 children as well ...iv had 3 restraining orders on him an dec. Of 2018 d.h.s removed my kids from me saying I mentally brain washed them to the point that it was unhealthy for them to live with me so since then I get to see them supervised for 1 hour once a week the first year now its 2 hours once a week... stil supervised I'm not allowed to do school functions or go to any apointments of my children's there councler refuses to talk with me an there talking about terminating my rights an adopting my youngest two out an leaving my oldest 2 in foster homes ....

  3. In defense of Florida. It is a very transient state. To call all child removal kidnapping is unfair but it does happen. Poor families come to FL because the weather is nice most of the year. Rarely does it freeze except in the northern part. People bare hoping for better opportunities, less expenses. Unfortunately they found out too late Florida is not much better than where they came from opportunity wise, and find they are out of money and far from family that can help. They lose their shelter, and end up homeless. Children are at risk. They ate not being cares for. Not getting basic needs filled. There is over teach but more often children are being left in bad situations. Just this year we have had several tragedies because we have too many too help. Not excusing the overreach bit know the story before jumping to conclusions.

    1. Learn to spell. You must be a social worker. You say they come for opportunity, yet find out too late??? Well aren't you just a dirt bag! If they came for opportunity, and found this State is less fortunate then they expected, is that a reason to steal other people's children? Read your statement again. It makes zero sense. You have too many to help? Then use those too many people to help get off their asses and help those who came to your State for success. We already know that State is full of absolute failures... See, Casey Anthony verdict. And just to inform you, there are homeless people struggling absolutely everywhere, in shelters. Do you believe that the homeless who are already suffering that tragedy should be even more traumatized by separating the family? Do you have a clue what this does to the children? You don't get it. Not at all. There was once a time in America, where families were mostly poor, see The Great Depression. Where was CPS then? Wait, there wasn't a CPS and there was no need for those $ making losers, profiting off of others demise. There's no conclusion jumping here. This State, and all States have a huge issue. It's called CPS. The a holes who rob from what they see as easy targets. Damage families. And guess what? I successfully sued this entity and guess what? I won! It's going to happen more and more. Eventually, social workers will become accountable and go to jail. Oh yes, it's coming. They are finally becoming exposed. Their days are numbered. So quit making excuses for this money making scheme. Legal kidnapping ring. Children are at risk in the hands of CPS,BTW. Open your eyes. Google CPS failures. Learn. And shut up. If you're not a social worker, inform yourself before jumping to conclusions. Being homeless with loving parents is better than being raped & abused in foster care. #SpeakingFromExperience. #LeavePeopleSeekingOpportunityAlone




    5. Anonymous11:12 AM

      Look nack on the fact that under ted kennedy there were 500+ children in which florida cps lost and then it dropped off the posts so i dont know what the numbers are or if the children have been foumd.
      If anyone has updates please share..

  4. What about Kentucky? There are horrible things going there and why we refuse to live there.

  5. Anonymous11:27 PM

    What about Missouri

  6. Anonymous7:31 AM

    What about Oklahoma. That state was sued and now has to have a plan overseen bya state official; making sure that DHS puts plan in action.

    1. Anonymous8:51 PM

      TO ALL FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND FOSTER FAMILIES and/or parents who lost their children in CPS cases to a foster family because you violated the best interest of the child, but now they have (foster families) and the State Courts. It doesn't matter to me who claims the 5 million dollars under the best interest of the child (this is the reversal procedure), and their all perpetrators anyway you look at it (this bottom lined me), but I’ll utilize this because it’s become a very formidable multi weapon). Just go to this reference; I just need your names, addresses, and phone numbers (basic contact info), and the Courts State and County and case number, and I'll be submitting this in the ICC and later the ICC will submit this to the U.N. If you can spread the word to all your links I'll appreciate this. In foster care over 50% of these children are being given antipsychotics and anti-depressant this violates the children's rights and yours according to the best interest of the child and you'll be able to get back and/or even at CPS and receive compensation of 5 MILLION DOLLARS. contact me and I’ll send you more information or (808) 230-0460 Help your loved ones your son, daughter, niece, nephew, relatives & friends to be taken care of when nobody is around for them & these trust funds are there for those who qualifies so take advantage “there still your children”, and it will make a better life for them.

  7. I need help my daughter was taken from me last year cause me and her dad have been fighting and it's gotten physical he's not all bad but I had to get a restraining order against him and finally got her back and full custody her dad got put in jail but is out now I have had her since April and I have been having trouble physically and mentally I needed help going food shopping and going places so he's been helping me out and I don't like seeing the father of my child on the streets so I have been letting him come over and sleep eat shower well my daughter told and now I'm going to lose her again and it's my fault but my case worker isn't helping him like he said he would and it's almost winter and don't want to see him on the streets freezing to death and I have family but they didn't put her with them when she was taken from me they put her with strangers who neglected her and she was being abused then they moved her to another home which was a lot better but she should of been placed with family how do I keep them from taking her or at least keep her with family depressed in Lawrence Ma

    1. How long has she been in care? A responsible family member needs to petition the court for kinship care or custody. Kinship care is the better practice.

    2. Anonymous11:05 AM

      Unfortunately, kinship care is very underutilized. The states get far more money through Title IV-E if they are sent to strangers in foster care than if they are sent to loving family members.

  8. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Instead if sitting here citing the worst of the worst all CPS, OCS are worst in all areas in all States. Never ending battle of scars to family who have had been bludgeoned by these workers for wrong doing but when it's comes to really investigating an incident do they actually get facts? From my experience I have not seen it! I have seen them take it one sided and using it when family's are sitting there saying no that's not right your are using lies and alligations. I have lots to say on Illinois and how they proceeded in matters of native children and how they failed to follow ICWA laws even my own tribe don't have the fortitude to step in and do what right instead they walk away with their tail between their legs! I am not even from Illinois I am originally from Alaska my children were obsconded from the State of Alaska by their father. When I look at States who have it bad I see Native Children and families from all areas having it bad. All in all its bad all States.

  9. MASSACHUSETTS has notoriously been the worse state in the country when it comes to Families and the Welfare and Safety of Children. I know this since I survived one of the 10 worse foster homes in this state back in the late 60's early 70's. That is what a judge classified this foster home as!!! After they finally removed all the Victims from the Pedophile that had finally been sent to jail for molesting a child that was NOT a child given to him by the state. But the child of a neighbor!!! And get this. We had been taken from that home at least 3 years prior to that because of the abuse that had been going on in that home. But it wasn't closed down. Oh No!!! This sick monster was just given more children to victimize!!! And the social worker that hand picked this children. In the end she retired with full benefits from the state. She absolutely knew what was going on there. She didn't care. In fact she benefited from it. She kept feeding him more victims. And she would have him send kids to her house to do work on her house. I know because there were a few times I had to go there. We had take care of her yard, clean her house top to bottom!!! Move furniture for her, scrub walls or floors. Wash all the windows make sure they were streak free. Wash and wax her car. We did what ever she told us to do, if we did't or if we did't do it right then she let that monster know and when we got home he would try to beat the life out of us!!! TO this day there are plenty of Social Workers like this still working for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. They all have their own agendas, along with their supervisors. Very few of them follow the CMR for DCF or even know what the CMR is. They only steal children they can either sell or place with little to no trouble. They know family judges never rule against them so they walk around with these overblown Tin GOD complexes. Until the Media catches a big screw up then they scramble like rats jumping from a sinking ship. Ever notice how it's always someone else's fault, And NEVER DCF's Fault when a child Dies or disappears???? If you go back even 5 years that will be the one fact that you will find as a constant with the MASSACHUSETTS DCF!!!!!!!!!!

  10. To UNKNOWN who is depressed in Lawrence Ma. If you read my post you will see that I mentioned the CMR. The CMR is the guild lines the idiot social workers are suppose to follow. Like the laws of DCF!!! Your Social Worker very likely doesn't know them because he could care less about them. If your Child is being taken from you then they must ask you first and foremost for the names and addresses of family members that will be willing to take that child. You family member should know that they will be Kin Foster Parents. Subject to all the rights, benefits and rules of those Foster Parents who are not Kin!!! You tell that LAZY Social worker that your child has been traumatized ENOUGH!!! That he must place her with KIN!!! That is the law. And if they don't you and the Kin that is rejected has the right to know why and then to request a hearing under certain circumstances for rejection. And if you are appointed a public defender Lawyer and that lair tells you some thing different then you should IMMEDIATELY request a new Lawyer be assigned to you. Ask for one from the Bar Advocacy of the public defenders office. Those are the lawyers that also have private practices. Some of them are good lawyers. The Public Defender lairs in my opinion work for DCF and NOT for the parent or child!!! REMEMBER THAT ALWAYS!!! My Advice to you is to go and read the CMR and be sure to read the part about how DCF is suppose to help homeless families that are involved with DCF get housing. Part of their job is REUNIFICATION HOUSING!!!! NONE OF THE SOCIAL WORKERS want to do that aspect of their JOB!!! And the will outright lie to your face and say they don't have anything to do with housing!!! That is a total and outright lie. If your LAZY Social Worker says that to you. Record him saying it, then call the Governors Office and let one of his aids listen to the recording!!! Make a copy of that part of the CMR and give it to your Worker after he tell you that lie!!! It is part of his job!! He may not like doing it like so many of the Social Workers in Massachusetts! But that is what they are being paid to do with MY TAX DOLLARS!!!! And I DO WANT THEM TO DO THEIR DAMN JOB!!!

  11. BTW UNKNOWN who is depressed in Lawrence Ma I forgot to mention. You can go to the public library to use their computers to look up the CMR. If you can't find it ask the librarian one of them will be more than happy to help. I have found that Librarian's love to do their job!!!

  12. toniacooksy12:56 AM

    My granddaughters were placed with me thru Kinship care, I didnt read the fine print- In Kinship care CPS can remove the child/children without any just cause, they do NOT have to give you a reason. My granddaughters were adopted, within six months. In Texas CPS has six months to decide what to do with children in foster care or kinship care. My granddaughters became another notch on the money belt. I fear they have become victims of re-homing.

  13. toniacooksy12:58 AM

    My granddaughters were placed with me thru Kinship care, I didnt read the fine print- In Kinship care CPS can remove the child/children without any just cause, they do NOT have to give you a reason. My granddaughters were adopted, within six months. In Texas CPS has six months to decide what to do with children in foster care or kinship care. My granddaughters became another notch on the money belt. I fear they have become victims of re-homing.

  14. Massachusetts never forgets. Don't be duped by the "high education " system. MA is a police state for all ages of people. It's how they make the money back from all their "social services". IF YOU HAVE KIDS & YOU ARE NOT RICH DON'T MOVE HERE. You know what? Just don't move here at all. They don't deserve your taxes or lawyers fees or speeding/traffic/parking ticket money or court fines. Pick a state which has something to offer the rest of the country.
    -Lifelong Resident /Victim of MA

  15. I found out in 2015 that I have CML. So I have made a bucket list and on that bucket list is DCF of Massachusetts. Before I pass on to the next world I will see that department Closed down!!! And every single worthless, useless vindictive glorified by a useless license passed out by the state of Massachusetts to anyone with a Bachelors in liberal Arts who needs a job so they decide to be a DCF Social Worker because that job is always open to ANY ONE and I mean ANYONE!!! I will see all of those idiots gone from the Payrolls of the state of Massachusetts along with all their supervisors who have made a FINANCIAL KILLING on so many babies and children in this state because they have ignored all the lawful changes made to the system and have continued to enforce their own personal FINANCIAL AGENDA!!! I will see every single one of those greedy bastards gone. ANd if at all possible at the same time prove how they have been robbing the tax payer and have their pensions taken from them too!!! SO that is just one item that is on my bucket list. And I don't plan on failing either!!! There are many that support this effort I have found. SO my advice is Never GIVE UP FIGHTING FOR YOUR CHILDREN!!! PUSH THE LAW< READ THE CMR AND IF YOU HAVE TO BRING IT INTO COURT WITH YOU TO READ IT TO THE JUDGE!!! MOST OF THEM HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT STATES IN THE REGULATIONS, THEY ONLY KNOW WHAT THE LYING LAWYERS AND SOCIAL WORKERS TELL THEM!!!! DO NOT BE AFRAID TO EDUCATE THE JUDGE EVEN IF YOUR STATE APPOINTED LIAR WON'T!!!!

  16. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Bryan County Dhs in Durant, Oklahoma should have some kind of out of town or state check all there case files and employees going back at least five years if not more. Corrupt does not even begin to describe what they have done to kids, people, and families. The DA and Judge among others in this Bryan County town would definitely be facing major criminal charges.

  17. The law actually
    a ‘conspiracy’ in the local community ( without accountability or balance of
    powers) to band together and defraud the government of “grant” monies. This
    law appears to be responsible for over 90% of family law nastiness and "buzz"
    words used. an "accusation" apart from its credibility is all that is needed
    to convert “We the People” into the ‘cash cow’ to support local government by
    defrauding the State and Federal government. It even creates a new class or
    minority and by design discriminates against them…the “offending family” while
    giving massive privilege to the “nonffending family” ( is that even a word?).
    After 11 years in court and studying the epidemic I do classify it as a
    ‘national security’ issue and it appears everyone in government already knows
    for they designed it.
    42 U.S. Code § 13001a
    (7)the term “multidisciplinary response to child abuse” means a response to
    child abuse that is based on mutually agreed upon procedures among the
    community agencies and professionals involved in the intervention, prevention,
    prosecution, and investigation systems that best meets the needs of child
    victims and their nonoffending family members;(8)the term “nonoffending family
    member” means a member of the family of a victim of child abuse other than a
    member who has been convicted or accused of committing an act of child abuse;
    and (Pub. L. 101–647, title II, § 212, as added Pub. L. 102–586, § 6(b)(2),
    Nov. 4, 1992, 106 Stat. 5029; amended Pub. L. 114–22, title I, § 104(1), May
    29, 2015, 129 Stat. 236.)
    42 U.S. Code § 13001b
    (a)Establishment of regional children’s advocacy program The Administrator, in
    coordination with the Director and with the Director of the Office of Victims
    of Crime, shall establish a children’s advocacy program to—(1)focus attention
    on child victims by assisting communities in developing child-focused,
    community-oriented, facility-based programs designed to improve the resources
    available to children and families;(2)provide support for nonoffending family
    members; (2)Grant recipients A grant recipient under this section
    shall—(A)assist communities—(i)in developing a comprehensive,
    multidisciplinary response to child abuse that is designed to meet the needs
    of child victims and their families; (iii)in preventing or reducing trauma to
    children caused by multiple contacts with community professionals; (iv)in
    providing families with needed services and assisting them in regaining
    maximum functioning;
    - "families" is always defined as "nonoffending" in the system and making the
    system ‘all powerful’ and parents and children in to lifetime ‘victims’ to be
    - system = “grant recipient”
    -“multidisciplinary response to child abuse” means a conspiracy by the local
    - “…accused of committing an act of child abuse” the means of causing billions
    of dollars in litigation for government sanctioned fraud that cannot be
    defended against.
    - “Grant” is an invite to defraud the government without oversight or
    accountability and a motivation to create "nonoffending families" & offending
    families, even where none exist so as to support the existing ‘Frankenstein’
    local system that grows without real purpose.
    - “that best meets the needs of child victims and their nonoffending family
    members” is the false guise to hide the debauchery and fraud behind, create
    discrimination and favor, removing the balance and blindfold from the
    judiciary, while giving them mafia like motivation and purpose to defraud both
    sides of the family for gain ill-gotten from the State and Feds without
    accountability… ultimate power corrupts ultimately reigns again.
    God help US!

  18. Anonymous7:57 AM

    When will you update for 2016?

  19. i am surprised that mississippi didnt make the list. this state has destroyed my family, as well as many other families. we moved here from louisiana for the lower cost of living, and learned very quickly that it was not worth it.

  20. Florida should be number one. Especially Key West, it is their biggest source of income.

  21. Anonymous3:19 AM

    Fayetteville North Carolina Cumberland county should be (1)
    Children are being removed over anything and parents are being charged with anything if shouting out for help

  22. Accually OREGON is the worst state cps knownly places innocent children with child rapists and real child abusers daily

  23. New York accuses black & latino families of child abuse all the time modern day slavery

  24. I'm willing to bet that Massachusetts is still number one on this list. Sure they have made a ton of changes on paper. But that is as far as any change in DCF goes. And you can't tell those in the government that make these changes that all changes sound great on paper. But in Massachusetts you have to have an outside agency go in and enforce those changes. Massachusetts should also make it a requirement for being hired as a social worker is to having read the CMR for DCF and to have a working knowledge of those state requirements. It is the only way any changes will ever actually happen.

  25. From Washington State and had my daughter removed from care based on unfounded allegations and her examined by a Dr even though at the time she just had her well child check just to get them off mine and my husband's back after the social worker at the time during the meeting decided to add "oh and there was another received allegation by gym care worker that Friday prior about bruising on her belly" she was fully clothed with a long sleeve onesie and pants and shoes and gym child care workers aren't allowed to do diaper changes so what bruising would she have seen if there was any I confronted her she stumbled and requested Dr exam. It's been 2 years since our case was dismissed in court and judge ordered cps to return her home immediately that it was ridiculous she was still out of home...I am still battling their harassment they try to message me in Facebook they leave their card in the door I'm sick of them and sick of the fact in Washington state they can use closed cases and unfounded cases against you still even when you complete their "program" which my husband and I fully complied with and cooperated fully that any other outside workers involved were literally dumbfounded we were having to go through such a program to begin with.

  26. No the worst children services if a children's services of California. They will not only keep your kids and make it hard for you he can come back, especially if they're white kids. But they will also put a freeze hold on and still try to garnish your entire bank account during a worldwide pandemic even though you are on lock down an have no way of making any other kind of money. So they will leave you with no money and not even for a child that is currently in there custody. they do this over arrears or backpay. For a child who had already aged out of child welfare. So for in old case, one they can definitely hold off until after the pandemic, they dont, they still go after you during a pandemic and leave you penniless when you have no other options of how to make money. And the Worst part is I submitted paperwork I was trying to work out a resolution to get this all doubt will for less money, I Send it through the mail after them did they get everything was sending money while I'm doing this to show good faith . Heard nothing back from Them, so I'm assuming everything's fine and then I'll get an notice in the mail that my bank account was frozen while I'm trying to work out a settlement and during a pandemic. The only way I can make money at online in my bank account is frozen so I can't even make money now they are basically leaving me destitute and penniless over a child who is no longer in their care

  27. Florida sucks took my granddaughter on hearsay. There was nothing to anything they said. Judge just believes CPS and their damn lies. It was weeks before we even knew where my granddaughter went. No contact just kidnapped her. That's perfectly okay though to traumatize a child like that. They could of left her with family but insist on doing a background check even though she's been with me since birth. They do more damage to these kids.

  28. You forgot Missouri. It's disgraceful what happens here.

  29. CPS/DHF
    Wow I think anywhere the government intervenes with our children is terrifying. They step in they lie ,offer to help just so it can be used against you? My son was taken in the state of Nevada at age one. They put him in foster care over state lines and lied to my face about it. I had been arrested for a traffic warrant. My parents were notified and came to his rescue as quickly as possible. They said they picked him up in the middle of nowhere in California?? Wtf? Yes I screwed up and was arrested however the bullshit that was to come blew my mind.. he took his first steps in foster care and no one even knew. He was only there for about 23 hours. I can tell you the long term affects on him were undeniable. I got full custody back in two months. For being arrested on traffic warrant. Most stressful time in my life having the government wave my parental rights around like it is a game... I'm certain there are children that need help. I'm even more sure that what CPS does is more harm than good to most children. Scary in any state


Guess what

It Could Happen To You