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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Top 5: Most Secretive Child Welfare System's in the United States

So this past Sunday, I took sort of a snap shot of the US Child Welfare Systems, and what they had been up to or what the people have been concerned with over the last few months.  Based on the information I collected in my notebook, I have uncovered certain trends.  The first of those trends I wrote about on this past Sunday.  Not everybody agrees with my findings, but they are subject to change at any time and are only a reflection of the most recent information.

Today I would like to bring your attention to another trend I noticed in the data I collected.  That would be the opposite extreme, the quiet or more secretive states.  All Child Welfare systems should have some level of transparency so that the public knows what's going on.  Many of these systems however, have systematically been able to avoid public scrutiny for years.  Some more than others and the Top 5 will be listed here now.

Number 5: Idaho
We haven't actually heard very much from this state as of late and when we do it's usually an opinion piece or somebody getting arrested for abusing a foster child.  I'm not saying that this state doesn't have it's share of problems, just that they are really good at sweeping them under the rug.
Number 4: North Dakota
North Dakota was having some issues with child welfare on an Indian reservation and turnover rates a couple years back but that has faded into the past.  We haven't heard much from them since.  
Number 3: Delaware
Because I'm running a news blog, I can only work with what CPS gives me.  I try to give every state or country the opportunity to make this blog with their fraud, failures and fuck-ups and I do so as fairly as I can.  Delaware comes in at Number 3 because in the last 5 years, there has been nothing to come out of that state in terms of news.  Nothing.  With the exception of a ban on spanking back in 2012, a case where a CPS Agent said, give me sex or I'll take your kid, and a couple of foster care abuse cases, we wouldn't know the states child welfare system even exists.
Number 2: New Hampshire
New Hampshire could be compared to a trap door spider, waiting for his prey or a cop hiding on a dark road waiting for a speeder to go buy.  The New Hampshire child welfare system is a state of pure evil that hides in the shadows and pounces on it's victims leaving a trail of heartbreak and anger.  Thanks to the work of Unhappy Grammy we know this, but you can forget about staying informed via any major news paper.

And the Number 1 most secretive child welfare system in the country is...

Number 1: Wyoming 
Wyoming's CPS has flown under the radar for as long as I've been at this.  Making Legally Kidnapped a whopping 17 times, since the beginning, the state keeps it's secrets well.

The First Amendment of the Constitution is put into place so that the government would be subject to checks and balances.  The people need to know.  If they aren't aware of what a mess Child Welfare in the United States really is then the agencies will continue to get away with it for a good long time.

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