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Thursday, February 01, 2007

DCF: Justin Part 1 - Child Abuse - CPS

WARNING! GRAPHIC VIDEO OF CHILD ABUSE! Eleven year old boy burned with cigarettes by DCF foster parents, beaten unmercifully by other kids in the foster home, all because he would not break into a person's house and steal for the foster parents. Child is tortured by being stabbed with pencils and burnt with a lighter while handcuffed. DCF Case managers were notified, but ignored the child's pleas for help. Child had a black eye, numerous injuries, was completely emaciated with his rib cage showing, yet DCF does nothing to the foster parents. The Foster mother was taking pills, smoking dope and usually passed out while the child was being abused, all for three long years with no intervention by DCF. The Mother of the abused child lost her 3 daughters and son because her husband died and she was vunerable to the DCF and the "Safe Children Coalition", as she had no funds to fight back. The "Safe Children Coalition" said her home wasn't big enough, even though she had a 5 bedroom home available. No charges were ever brought against her, but they took her kids anyway. The "Safe Children Coalition" takes children from Christian families and puts them in unsafe locations so that they can continue to be funded by your tax dollars. The "Safe Children Coalition" only takes children from poor people, as they do not have the money to fight back against the system.

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