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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Announcement: Luke's Army archived after being taken over by a very bad man

I don't often write about the drama in the Family Rights movement on Facebook, but this I can't let go by.  I have a sad announcement to make.

The Facebook Group known as Luke's Army has been archived by some asshole by the name of Davidson Shannon Kyle who apparently somehow became an admin, booted all the other admins and moderators, and has threatened to delete the group altogether.

The group, which was made in honor of Luke Borusiewicz who died from head injuries at the age of two while in the Australian Foster Care System, was made by his dad Michael Borusiewicz and has become one of the largest family rights groups on Facebook.  The group provided support and friendship to victims of the Australian Child Welfare System.

Although this Davidson Shannon Kyle person is claiming that this is the request of the family, who want's Luke to be able to rest in peace, I do not for a minute believe that Michael Borusiewicz would want this as he created the group specifically to keep Luke's memory alive.  Michael was also man enough to admit that he screwed up.  He never made it about what CPS did to him, but always rather what they tragically did to little Luke.

It is also being rumored that Michael is currently under attack by his cousin, a known pedophile by the name of John Aster, and that Mr. Aster is somehow responsible for this.  Although I have no conclusive evidence of this and claim that I only know it to be a rumor at this point, I mention it because it sounds like something he would do.  He has been known to make a fake account or two in the past and pass himself off as a family rights activist.  He is also an aggressive cyber-bully who will attack ruthlessly and wage war against anybody who calls him out, anyplace he can post to.  Coincidentally, I have been notified by a very reliable sources that Mr. Aster also popped his head in trying to join another group or two over the last couple days, one of which was founded by one of Mr Boruisiewicz's closest friends and allies.  The timing is just too good and so I assume the rumor to be true.

There is currently an effort to start over as well.  Admins will be limited however.
Update: Apparently overnight, this Davidson Shannon Kyle asshole unarchived the group long enough to post somewhat of an explanation for what he did.

In this explanation he writes the following, bashing Michael and in support of John Aster, who obviously gave himself away.  If this is not John Aster himself, then it's one of his cronies.

“Michael is and has been all his life a bad egg. We hoped he would change. Instead he continues to attack and assault people all his life. This network is and has been used for illegal activity to include obtaining friends who are on Meth for illegally distributing drugs and finding like minded people. Luke would never of wanted this. Michael has attacked John Aster as being a pedophile something that is totally untrue and soon there will be other evidence to confirm this is not true. There is also a certificate confirming he is not a criminal issued by police. This certificate is standard for anyone not having any criminal record. Justice of the Peace can obtain the same certificates. To allow supporters to destroy a person when there has and never will be a child that has been harmed by John Aster is very disgusting. Now we as a family wish it to be closed or having a name change and good people running as admins. Luke was born having drugs in his system. Luke was born to a mother and father who continued to do drugs and refusing to get off drugs. Michael was running a Meth house. Luke remained in care while the government had hoped Michael or his wife would stop doing drugs. Luke would never want to be known that his father uses his name for obtaining drugs or money for illegal purposes. “

The whole post can be read here.


  1. Anonymous9:49 PM

    Michael is in Jail for having sex with a child. He is a peodphile and all along I was very aware why he was attacking an innnocent man.

    1. he did not have sex with a child ,he is in jail over unpaid fines

    2. Not the fines from the Pedophile cult that is acting unlawfully outside ACT jurisdiction after the March 3rd Gaynor / TEss corbett vs boylover Garry Burns case that rules the ACT tribunal has no jurisdiction in NSW? Those fines? see for the low down on those scum - real bad new the OTO pedophile cult.

    3. I went to Jail for grabbing my girlfriend by the throat after she pulled a knife on me. John Pedophile Aster is the only one saying that I went to jail for sleeping with a young girl, no wonder the post is anonymous.

      Luke was not born with drugs in his system either. You could say just about every word that comes out of Aster's vile mouth is a lie, and it wouldn't be far from the truth.

      Just the gumption of shutting down a baby's memorial group with 15000 members is enough to show how Shannon Kyle Davidson and John Aster have no conscience, no respect and no idea.

      John Aster is not my familymy cousin, he is the family idiot. Everyone thinks that he is a lunatic, because he is (that's why he looks at child porn).

      Aster comes to the group thinking he is going to take over but four thousand people have already left the group and the new Luke's Army group is growing rapidly by the day.

    4. no your the paedophile that hides your identity because that is what predators do.... John Aster is a dirty filthy rock spider, he is not accepted in our community, best thing he could ever do would be to just leave....

  2. OMG, we wondered what happened to this group. It seemed rather totalitarian being without warning or any rational explanation. Thank you for clarifying this.

  3. Hi Legally Kidnapped,thankx for posting this here for us all to see/read.
    My name is Karen Bourke.
    Davidson Shannon Kyle is not who she is making out to be & wanting every one to believe & think she's a male..
    She's not a male she's a female & she goes by the name of-Kye winter (I know this because back when I was in another group about 3yrs ago I was friends with her,I use to talk to/with her on the phone & she told me that she uses her husband's account/profile wich was/is-Davidson Shannon Kyle...
    I don't know if your gonna believe me on/about this because I don't have any proof to show u who she really is,I only have my word to give/tell u. I'll leave it up to u to decide wether u do or don't want to believe me.
    I hope u will.
    I'm quite sure she doesn't have/use her Kye Winter fb account/profile any more,she just has/uses Davidson Shannon Kyle account

  4. Anonymous11:48 PM

    Thank you.. Great Job
    They unarchived long enough to post..Then re-archived
    We were doing a good job letting know this was true.. they couldn't keep up LOL
    However now ONLY Davidson as Administrator
    No moderator


  5. I was feeling very sad,sickened & disheartened when Luke's Army ended up being in total caos.
    Those members,that one admin & trolls should be ashamed of themselves.

  6. Who does Davidson Shannon Kyle think she is? She had no right what so ever to archive Luke's Army.
    She ended up being the only admin in there so it had to have been her who had archived it...
    This is total disrespect & disregard to Michael,Luke & his memory,& all members...
    Michael is going to be so crushed when he sees & finds out about this,she or another admin has gone & unadmined him ......

  7. Surely there would be no way in hell that Michael would of let her or would of given her permission to archive the group?

  8. Legally Kidnapped,admin in Luke's Army unarchived the group about 2hrs ago & then archived it once again about 1hr ago

  9. Anonymous5:36 AM

    Hi its Netski Justice Banks you are exactly correct
    His Facebook profile is

    I still have control of the. Luke's Army page it is safe !! I wasn't administration on Luke's army group I couldn't do a thing to save it

    Michael should. Be able to recover the group via facebook actions

    Thankyou for posting this Legally Kidnapped

    1. For anyone who wants to know, the facebook "Page" which is different to the facebook "Group" can be found at...

  10. Anonymous5:50 AM

    Freedom of speech is all this is to me. It's funny how you bash someone is is not here to defend themselves All while claimng to be a savior. Smh....I personally know Davidson Shannon Kyle. I was never given a reason not to trust her and her husband. I have talked with them both. I agree with what they are doing for la. I don't like the way others are handling this. Micheal this and Micheal that. Atleast proof was shown by them . Where's your proof about Davidson Shannon Kyle? Can you back up the blog you posted?
    I hope that I did not piss in Your Cheerios too much.

    1. There was no proof of anything but what we already knew from a while ago. And you posting as anonymous does not add to your credibility.

    2. Anonymous,I totally 100% agree with Legally Kidnapped when telling u here that you posting as Anonymous here does not add to your credibility,have the guts & balls to post on here as who u really are cause your not doing your self or Davidson Shannon Kyle-who is really kye winter any favors.I to new Kye Winter-Davidson Shannon Kyle Winter personally,I was friends with her about 3yrs ago.
      We spoke regularly on the phone.
      She told me that she uses her husband's Facebook account-wich is Davidson Shannon Kyle & she asked me not to tell anyone one that it was her using it.
      I actually believe what my gut feeling is telling me here & that is that that this is u here Kye Winter posting as Anonymous.
      Have the fuckin guts to reveal who u are.
      Unarchive Luke's Army,put & add in Admins in there.
      U have no right what so ever to do this to Michael,Luke & the group.
      U are & have gone absolutely crazy & mad

    3. STFU & GTFOOH Michelle Dansby-aka Charmain Dansby-aka real tiger..

    4. John Aster is the paedophile and because members of his own family have disowned him one being michael so Aster sought revenge by befriending michelle dansbury who is the secret admin and the women who gave Aster the password to Luke’s Army

  11. He is in jail for bashing his neighbour in his own home whilst he was drunk, it was in the paper.

    1. that was 2015 and yes I talked to him, he cocked up that time. He's an honest man you see. I was saying are you sure you weren't set up and no he took it on the chin. That's why after his missus did malicious property damage - i have his chat logs and i talked to him on the phone. When he said he didn't do shit - that time - he's telling the truth.

    2. Someone find the police or you can work with me to make a new blog post here about Michael being innocent - verify that I use - come watch my screen over VNC - watch me open up my skype and do a full chat log with Michael B to the dawn of time. The admin can then take that AND ONLY review the day in question. I can also go to any new windows PC, let skype sync up at the internet cafe when it's not installed - then go straight into that app to prove the data isn't faked it comes from skype servers. He's fucken framed and I know it.

  12. "a known pedophile by the name of John Aster, and that Mr. Aster is somehow responsible for this."

    Do you have any court papers, media reports or police reports of your claim that John Aster is a 'known' paedophile?

    It is easy to make claims that people are paedophiles and known offenders, here's a good thing to do, bring all your evidence to facebook and get them to remove his profile from facebook.

    Ought to be a piece of pie to get that done.

    Here's the link to use to report him.

    If you have any integrity at all in your claims to be an advocate for children that is what you would do, report him and just wait for his profile to be removed, facebook will check with the police in Australia and he should be gone within a few days.

    I don't need to report him because I do not believe the people who named him.

    I asked one of them one day for police, court or media reports and I was called a paedo lover.

    I know people who have the morals of alley cats who would think such things are beneath them.

    Do yourself a favour and see what is going on here!

    1. It will be gone when he releases Lukes Army.

    2. And again. This post and anything else said about him will be removed when he releases Luke's Army.

      You're a sick fuck defending that piece of shit btw.

    3. Can you show me any evidence to back up your claims that he is a 'known' paedophile?

      I believe in innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

      Most civilised countries in the world follow that rule.

    4. All he has to do is give Luke's Army back.

      Focus on that.

    5. Anonymous6:07 AM
      Just saying.... I just am grateful John Aster posted the first article written regarding the removal of the child. Are you supportive of Michael when he continues to do drugs. You know it is a crime to obtain money using the death of a child for obtaining drug money. I think that is alittle concerning. Anyways I suggest everyone reviews the article where Michael copies and pastes the Cairns Post report which is their local newspaper. Then check out John Aster's Profile: There is evidence of court recordings, Transcripts, mothers confirming their child is a pedophile, news paper articles where this team of BUACA and Lukes Army soldiers seem to be using pedophiles to support casting doubt in everyones minds.
      Anyways who am I to doubt, it seems you too want to hide this page if he removes everything ? Wow is that like if it was real that you will turn a blind eye or something ? I think leaving this where people can judge for themselves who are the pedophile supporters and who is the innocent party or parties.

    6. You're the only pedophile here John. Now give Luke's Army back and this will go away.

    7. I am not John Aster.

      I am not a paedophile.

      I am someone who loves truth and justice.

      I loathe child abuse with a passion.

      Anyone who abuses children either physically or by even looking at pictures of abuse children should have minimum 30 year sentences.

      If I believed John Aster had 15,000 images on his computer I'd say the same about him.

      I ask you yet again show me the evidence because I've seen nothing yet which proves anything even near the claims you have made.

      Why do you even think he has supporters?

      Can you be that thick to believe that people who support him support child abuse?

      It is a sad thing indeed that you believe thousands of people have changed their minds on the lies told about John Aster.

    8. John Gormley or whoever you are: The subject of this blog post is the hijacking of the Luke's Army Facebook Group. That will be the topic of discussion.

      Mr. Aster has admitted to being responsible for this on his own Facebook page, and evidence was provided for this regarding his involvement in the hijacking of Luke's Army on this and another post as well as by a number of different members of a new group which will all go away as soon as Mr Aster turns Luke's Army over to me or someone who can be trusted to run it. I doubt he will ever do this, therefore this post will stay.

      Everything else you have babbled on about is irrelevant.

      If you are so concerned with Mr. Aster's innocence, then you are free to expend your energies and resources trying to prove it. I personally don't believe Mr Aster is worth a piss hole in the snow, therefore I have better things to worry about.

    9. My name is John Gormley.

      I was even on your friend list some years ago till I made a decision to remove people who did not give their name.

      I've been on facebook since April 2009.

      I always liked what you did which was to find articles on the issue of child abuse and post them for all to see.

      Regarding John Aster and Luke's Army I have no interest in a squabble about a facebook page.

      I do have a question for you, if someone who has been trusted to look after the page and John Aster convinced him to take the page over that suggests he must have some really strong arguments doesn't it.

      Personally I don't think many facebook pages do much for anyone in all seriousness.

      I came on your blog because I liked the work you did before and till I saw you defame John Aster with the "Known paedophile" claim other than that I would not have bothered.

      All I have asked you for is do you have any evidence to prove he is a "Known paedophile" or not.

      Do you have any credibility or not?

      All the articles you post are from news sources, if you are going to claim someone is a "known paedpohile" without proof what is to stop you from making any auld shite up and claiming it is true.

      As for proving John Aster is innocent, can you prove you are not responsible for the rain in Ireland yesterday?

      How does one prove one didn't do something.

      Here in Ireland we operate within the rule, "Guilty until proven innocent in a court of law"

    10. I wish to commend you on the fact that you have allowed my posts to appear.

      I admire people who have the moral courage to post things which go against their beliefs.

      All the other scum I have dealt with have avoided like a plague allowing any discontenting voices to be heard and only allow their various followers who believe blindly to post.

      I have a hypothetical question for you.

      If you had a facebook page attack you and call you a paedophile when you were in fact completely innocent, would you have any qualms what so ever about taking that page over and removing it from public gaze?

      I can tell you here and now I would have no hesitation about doing that.

      I could not condemn anyone who did that, what right thinking person could condemn them

    11. People need to be warned about who this person is.

      Would you leave your kids with John Aster?

    12. I lived with John Aster for a few weeks. He told me himself he had been done for child porn. I read his wifes statement, and her friends who were staying with John Pedo Aster. They all said that everytime they went past he had porn on the laptop, and when the friend tried to use his laptop it had porn on it. The child porn that John Aster has admitted to having been convicted for wasn't just on one computer, but several.

      Aster has admitted to others he was done with child porn...

      Evidence that John Aster creates fake profiles...

      John Aster Assaults his wife and she wants to kill herself. Is it any wonder...

      Aster admits he's a pedo again...

  13. See my comments on the public Facebook page not group of LukesArmy. I am setting up and backing up the list of Facebook members for a chat and a new non facebook non nsw police eyewatch docs spy free social network site without facebook - but will share new threads back to facebook with bait to come back to the safe webserver. I've been busy dealing with the breaking saga.

    HERES THE FACT. I WAS TALKING TO LUKE THE WHOLE DAY (open mic long skype chat whilst we were working on the new site) HE WAS FRAMED UP / HIS MISSUS DID MALICIOUS PROPERTY DAMAGE AND KICKED HIM OUT. HE STAYED CALM THE WHOLE DAY. He was calm after she did malicious property damage and there was talk about his or her brother or sister being arrested for drugs possession and I heard them calling the police station to find out what was going on. This isn't something that crooks would do. I've had a Green MP stalker approach me in Vietnam and try and get a job at my work without quitting her old one, and did stay for the job when I resigned on the Sunday before her fist day. I believe she came to my work to get access to my computer to plant child porn. When you are a threat to pedophiles they will do anything to take you down and from my research - the pedophiles are in control of the justice system - especially amongst others. I have no criminal record and I have never been jailed - I am a UNHCR political refugee from Australia.

    Be ready in 3-6 months if you keep the same facebook url for your name (don't change it) for a robot inviting you to go to to re-sign-up - but the domain may expire in 6 motnhs, so I better have it back up before then with the new system. The old site will come back online momentarily.

    John Aster is a known pedophile and police shill and has been on my hit list for a very long time.

  14. John Aster is running around like a psycho leaving these kind of messages - I got this from my mate that is exposed on that vid me link.

    John Aster sent a message using the contact form at

    I have good news to share. A real Pedophile named Michael Borusiewicz
    running Luke's Army and BUACA has been put in a nice prison cell for
    assult, Meth and having sex with a child. Police the Submission Id: 108271,
    PIN: 8ce22e325e24#### His brother Shawn is out on bail but will be joining
    his brother soon as him and his lovely wife had a Meth Lab at home in his
    Isn't it interesting how everything is coming together. Now lets get some
    more BUACA members ! Go BUACA !
    Mr. Geary the head of BUACA was in lots of communications in fact there was
    a certain lady Michael fell in love with a crazy lady which in fact was a
    fake profile.... there they were believing that money was coming their way
    and that Midnight Oil band were coming together to assist with proceeds to
    BUACA... well I had some fun with that. haha
    Anyways Mr. Geary is probably wondering how many emails I have of
    communications with him and his friend Micael Borusiewicz and how come they
    are falling one by one.... mmmm When I am not happy I do get my way just
    takes a little time.
    Just remember that these are the 2 that were alleging all over the net
    certain allegations. 5,000 members withdraw themselves out of BUACA when I
    attacked them at the time they had 5 chapters accross Australia. Police are
    very aware of the situation. I have another recording of Mr. Geary
    attacking and calling me, time to go into the police station again and
    provide them more information on BUACA. Again it isn't hard to work things
    are not what they seem.
    Mr Geary used to be well loved by womens groups... now he is a mear bad
    smell, and the womens group that was rising is a mear pittiful crapy
    organization named Angel Fury run by a lady called "Samatha" that right now
    is in Townsville court for attacking another persons good name. Slowly
    slowly closing down these criminals.
    BUACA Canada is another where his own mother admitted her own son was a
    pedophile. It is so funny Mr. Geary and his team of pedophiles to the recue
    women that are abused with children so really under the radar they are.
    Isn't it embarrassing that the media and a certain Professor Freda Briggs
    were all associated with each other. Time will explain all.

  15. Also of importantance, when that crazy bitch was fighting with someone who's just thrown the towl in with lukesarmy and wont even administer the new Facebook free social site Aaron McMaster was accused by the crazy bitch this post is about to me in chat logs of calling the cops on Michael, they are best mates and have been a long time, that's at least what I believe.

    She had taken the ear of Jules Zanetti that I believe is talking shit here:
    No Janine went troppo and smashed his computer
    But because of Michael's history police won't listen to him... They'll believe the junkie nurse
    Yeah you said you are a witness thro telecommunications


    Lets work together to make a blog post / chat log of Michael's last day as a free man with me. I can extract it from my sqllight skype db with screenshots and a shared screen so you can see it's not fake. He was framed up by the junkie girlfriend I'm sure of it.

    1. Megan Bordenave11:14 PM

      Janine posted a picture of herself and Michael right before he ended up being arrested again this past spring,...she posted it on Michael's profile page.I was immediately shocked because they were both smiling and standing together, and looked happy. The caption she wrote said "This has been the happiest day of my life!" People were commenting or liking the picture. But I had a bad feeling that what she wrote did not mean what people assumed it to be.
      I HAD A GUT FEELING THAT SHE WAS SAYING THAT BECAUSE SHE DID SOMETHING TO GET MICHAEL ARRESTED, SHE SET HIM UP. She had been letting him stay at her place some days, and Michael's good friend/roommate lives right across the street.
      Janina used to date Michael a long time ago, I'm not sure but maybe around 10 years ago. He ended their relationship and she NEVER got over it. She has a history of calling the police on Michael, and he finally began to call the police on HER for a restraining order(DVO I think it's called in Australia. I have seen those documents myself, I've seen her walk around and around staring until Michael cane out of his apartment and she's stared at him and yelled at him. (I'm from the U.S., and Michael and I had a long distance relationship for 3 years,and every year I'd come to Aus to see him.) The whole time I was with him,she would send me jealous messages, and also hateful messages. She has a history of mental illness. Every chance she gets she tries to bait him into coming over, etc.
      It ALWAYS ends up with her claiming he broke her laptop, etc...the police even asked her for proof which she couldn't give.
      Sorry for writing so much, but I believe my gut feeling is real...Janine set him up.

    2. Megan, aren't you the one Michael apparently raped? I'm confused?

    3. Thankyou for sticking up for me Megan, you are a true friend.

  16. Jules beleives the crazy facebook group hijacker claims that Aaron called the cops on Michael which is BS.

    I still haven't heard from Michael this week... I am actually worried... But feds calling me about the two of them and their personal issues is not good... I hate police... They are pedophiles and run many rings
    i know
    Jules Zanetti
    I don't know why Aron has done this...
    Feds called me late this afternoon.
    Aron apparently called crime stopper's against Michael
    I don't trust police at all
    But I do know Michael and Aron have had a few big fall outs... So I'm not sure.. Hence I asked you
    do you want me to ask wtf is going on
    Heya Nguyen,
    I'm not sure what's going on but I've been spoken to by police about 15 minutes ago as admin to Luke's Army, asking if I know Aron and Michael. And if I know anything about what's going on I will be subpoenad to NSW fed court... What's going on?

    Aron and Michael have had numerous fallings out in the past and Aron was blocked at Michaels request... Something has gone down... If you know what's going on please shed some light...
    15 APRIL 21:58

    It's david bottril
    it's a crime with the police of religious vilification of the OTO
    The religion that just had their baby sex guide manuscripts released must be respected
    Jules Zanetti
    Ahh... Ok... Why has Aron reported Michael to police again
    they are pissed off i am calling governemnt officals whores - because they say we must respect alsiter crowley - and alister crowley says women are only good for fucking - and there are dyke satanic whores doing the prsoecutions
    aaron reported michael to the police?
    what the fuck
    they are both friends - well one of them will stop being friends if they worked with the faggot cops
    you know where i stand on that issue
    there is an issue
    Jules Zanetti
    No Aron and Michael have had issues for a long time
    with a pedophile
    ... who had details of his child abuse... who works for quantas
    Jules Zanetti
    Bloody hell


  17. Last comment not spam. FYI:

  18. Anonymous10:26 PM

    Michael used what happened to his son for gaining sympathy. I have no sympathy for a junkie scumbag who did not look after his child properly which led to the child being in care.
    It was always oh lukie is dead and me me me and I I I. Well I for one am glad his public sympathy drawing page is gone.
    Junkies united on that page

    1. And you are a coward for posting anonymously.

      No matter what Michael did, Luke didn't deserve what he got. Michael at least knows that.

  19. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Aron mcmasters did infact rat on Michael and I have the evidence.
    People are in denial here

  20. who gives a fuck about personalities and whos who in your personal zoo.. the page was important to all of us for different reasons but the biggest reason was it stood up for a murdered child and others like him.. if you think any of your stupidity justifies closing lukes memory down.. you are wrong.. simply wrong.. when will the new page be opening please?

    1. Well said Joanne :)

    2. Legally Kidnapped,this dirty filthy liar has come after me now.
      His calling me & telling every one that I'm a pedophile.
      His posted it on his timeline

    3. Hi Joanne, the new Luke's Army group can be found at

  21. F@$#@$ me it's been a busy week not on your server. Doing a fresh backup and moving it to a new location in Russia right now.... Facebook censored my account for vilifying those who who use facebook and are gay marriage activists who have little babies, and then my dad was sued for complaining about facebook allowing their service to be used to distribute child porn in the case of mckee burns on the NSW Castlaw website, where Australian gay judges say we all must love the faggot facebook distributing child porn and not vilify gay marriage activists mark newton and peter truong who rape infant. You are a homophobe if you don't embrace and respect those who rape infants was his ruling.

  22. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Kylie bickerton


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