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Friday, April 14, 2017

Social workers criticised for using “psycho-babble” to justify taking girl, 4, into care

A four year old has been removed from her “loving” father for life despite a judge criticising social workers for using “psycho-babble” to justify taking her into care.

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  1. In this article as well as in decisions made for a child that has been placed in foster care / adoptive home they say that returning a child to their natural parents would create stress and disrupt the child's life. What about the initial removal folks!? What the heck do you think that does to a child?? And if that removal had no real basis of abuse or neglect? Never mind what that does to a parent - I cant even begin to tell you how from the core of my being that the experience of having my kids yanked from me has changed everything in my life - including my core belief system. So I cant even imagine what it has done to my children - only time will tell I suppose. UGH!!

  2. Anonymous12:58 AM

    This is outrageous: "But the country’s most senior family court judge has now ruled that because of the amount of time taken to bring the case through the courts it was too late to return the girl to her natural family."

    SAME pattern happens in family court. Children are unjustly taken from fit, loving parents based on blatant lies, misrepresentations made by GALs and court officers, invented medical psycho babble..and breaking laws to do so. The court causes every kind of delay then turns around and says the child needs stability and so won't be returned. And in family court it is often that the abusive, unfit parent gains custody. This is legalized child trafficking!


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