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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Luke's Army Hijacking Update

I have to provide an update on the Luke's Army Facebook Group Hijacking.  You can view the original announcement here.
What we already know...

The Facebook group Luke's Army, an Australian Support Group for families dealing with Child Welfare issues, with over 14,000 members is currently being held hostage in an archived state and is only being opened occasionally long enough for the person in control to spew a little crap against members, past admin and the groups founder Michael Borusiewicz aka Luke's Dad.

The current admin who goes by the name of Davidson Shannon Kyle is claiming that this is  at the request of the family of Little Luke Borusiewicz who was murdered in 2009 at the age of 2 while in the Australian Foster Care System.  However, the page was made in Luke's honor by his father and Luke's memory will stay alive one way or another.

New developments... 

The group was opened yesterday, approx 2:20 AM Australian Time for just enough time for the current admin to post some garbage.  Davidson Claimed the following...

The rest can be read by members of the original group...

but I really don't want to wast any more time on that since it's all a crock, as it has come to my attention that someone else has claimed responsibility for the hijacking.  This screenshot was taken on April 25th, and I believe was said a few days ago.

I already had a reasonable suspicion that Mr. Aster was involved, but this pretty much confirms it.  

My original suspicion came from the fact that the current Admin of Luke's Army, this Davidson Shannon Kyle person, posted a piece in defense of Mr. Aster regarding Pedophilia claims and Child Porn Charges which I pointed out in the original announcement.  Of course as soon as I made that announcement, another of Mr Aster's online personalities or supporters (it's hard to tell the difference when it's all in the same tone or writing style) has come to his defense on that blog post as well in the comments demanding that I prove the guilt of Mr. Aster.

However, in all honesty, I couldn't give a rats ass about John Aster.  I blocked this nut job years ago. He is one of 7 people who I've blocked out of the thousands who I have had contact with on Facebook over the last few years.  1 of 7.  I really don't care about him or his issues or his legal problems or anything else about him.  In fact, I never would have mentioned his name had he not messed with Luke's Army.

I do care that he  poses as a family rights advocate.  I care that he is messing with Luke's Army which is in all actuality not a move against Michael, but a cheap shot to little Luke in whose honor this group was founded as well as a cheap shot to the people who have gathered there in need of support, friendship and guidance.  

And I care that he's making threats against members of the group.

I have also made my offer to Mr. Aster as he is aware.  I will delete all of this if he releases Luke's Army.  I will remove any discussion about him being a pedophile in any group that I am admin to.  All he has to do is hand Luke's Army to me and wash his hands of it, and wage his little war with whoever on a different playing field.


  1. Hi LK, and hi to anyone else who might read this. I am Michael, Luke's Dad from Luke's army. It seems we may never get the Luke's Army group back. What happened was one of my admins, Shannon Davidson Kyle who is actually Shannons vindictive gf using his account, took over the group and booted out all the other admins, and I have been kicked out of the group. We have started a new Luke's Army, maybe you could put something on your mailing list alerting people to the new group please Pat.

    Please join us if you have a need for support, advice or friendship with regards to having your children Legally kidnapped. Thanks LK>

  2. Anonymous3:48 AM

    100% proof Aster controls Lukes Army facebook group


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