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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lets Sue CPS!!! A special look at a few of the most current lawsuits against CPS and their Cronies

I don't know how many parents I've hear were going to sue CPS in the years I've been doing this.  I've heard about people wanting to get together and start a class action.  I've had parents send me copies of their paperwork proving fraud, lies and failures that they were going to use to sue them.

Unfortunately CPS Agents and all of their cronies are protected under Good Samaritan type immunity laws and can't be sued.    That is, of course, with a few exceptions, which we will take a look at now.
In Kansas, parents are jumping on a potential class action lawsuit that is claiming CPS is wrongfully removing children and placing them in abusive foster homes.
In Maine, DHHS dropped the ball when it failed to warn parents about an ongoing child abuse investigation at a daycare last year.  Now the parents want to sue for failure to warn them so that they could keep their kids safe and because they didn't pull the license of the daycare.

In order to file this suit, however, they need permission from the Legislature due to implied immunity laws.
In Maryland, the infamous parents of  the Free-Range-Kids who were charged with "unsubstantiated neglect" for letting their kids play at and walk home from the park are preparing to sue for harassment.
And of course we all hope they win.

In Washoe County, Nevada there is a potential Wrongful Removal lawsuit going on that's worth taking a look at.  Snatching a newborn without a court order.  Imagine that.
A couple of New Jersey homeschooler's are suing for an unwarranted home intrusion.
And... Two New Jersey CPS Agents sued CPS for unpaid overtime.
They are appealing though.

In Oregon, CPS is being sued for failure to protect a little girl who was molested by two boys in her foster home.
In Pennsylvania, a few child welfare agencies have gotten together and sued the Governor's Administration for cutting their funding during a budget impasse with the legislature.
In South Carolina, a lawsuit has just been filed against CPS for not snatching a kid who was hurt pretty bad by a mothers boyfriend.
In Washington CPS got hit with a $1.75 million dollar lawsuit for placing a child with a foster care provider who had a criminal record and ended up raping her.
I should also remind you that there is a lawsuit happy group of CPS lovers who are totally in it for the money,  Child Advocacy Group called Children's Rights who file mega lawsuits against whole states child welfare systems, collects huge legal fee's and million$ in federal oversight reimbursements while forcing states to pump tons of money to hire new CPS Agents, more foster care providers, services, etc.  

Here's the latest, although the link above just about covers it. 
Although there have been many lawsuits filed against CPS over the years to grace the files of Legally Kidnapped I have to remind you that suing CPS is extremely difficult.  Most of them are protected from such lawsuits as a condition of their employment.  

There are exceptions to this rule of course.  That's not the point.  I urge you to read up on some of these cases further.  Perhaps you'll find a precedent that works for you.     


  1. If there EVER i a suit against Los Angeles County, PLEASE SOMEONE, contact me ASAP!! I have a good case . . . . . . .

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  4. Here is our Federal Law Suit in the 9th Circuit for Arizona
    Ed Edwards

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