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Monday, October 31, 2011

From Anonymous 2

Our DDHS caseworker and Guardian Ad Litem will not give our boy back to us and there is no reason for them to keep him from us at all. It's all because they want money. The Magistrate on our case always sides with them also and we cannot figure out why in the world she would. Our case has been open for three years and he has been away from us for over a year now. It's time for him to come home now. We have done and completed their treatment plans and jumped through all their hoops with 100% on everything. The magistrate, caseworker and GAL as well as the City Attorney ALL know this.

It's time to expose Denver County CPS for what they are really about, which is NOT to help children and parents with anything. They seek and destroy children and their parents all for the sake of bonuses and money.

There is documented information and studies all over the internet about Autism but Annette, our caseworker and GAL still decided to cut off our transition and home visits completely and cut way down our visits in the group home as well. After our child is used to and happy with the home visits, for six weeks at three home visits a week and five hours each visit plus a two hour visit at the group home on Saturdays. Now we have 2 days at the group home at 2 1/2 hours supervised.

Every visit we have had at the group home, he constantly grabs his bag, coat, shoes and heads to and out of their unlocked front door to go home for a home visit. We had to keep trying to explain to him that this was not a home visit day. He wants to go home.

How can a caseworker do something like this to ANY child, let alone a non-verbal child with Autism??? Simply because of ignorance about Autism and Transition behaviors? Now she is causing our child to suffer immensely.
Even more now, more anxiety, wondering where his mother is and why he has not seen her or his home.
Children blame themselves as though THEY did something wrong or bad to deserve this.
This transition was in place and happening all with agreement and praise from the caseworker.

She totally changed into a different person. She went from "We need to get this child home now!" to stopping the home visits cold and stopping the transition and now she talks EXACTLY like the GAL, who has ALWAYS been against us and wants to keep Chris away from us forever because he missed some school???

It's insane. This behavior she is showing is extremely disturbing, unprofessional and inappropriate.

Our family is torn completely apart by Denver CPS and the Denver court system.

We did nothing wrong, especially our child, the most innocent of all.

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