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Monday, October 31, 2011

From Jessica

In November my nine year old daughter went to school and told her teacher that she had to do all the cooking and cleaning.  She had to look after her brother and sister.  I don't have the space to write the whole statement she gave, but it was clearly unbelievable.  She doesn't know how to turn on a stove.

For the first six months I wasn't allowed to say at home in court or to my friends that she didn't tell the truth.  My lawyer told me to agree that my children were children in need of care, because it would speed up the process of bringing them home.  If I have advice for anyone, it is not to agree that your children are children in need of care.  If they have a case against you make them bring it to court.  If you have not been charged with abuse, to NOT agree to anything.

My children were placed with strangers in foster care.  The foster mother was verbally abusive to my son, and the other girls there threatened my girls with knives.  I've been informed that this foster home is no longer allowed to take children.  Now my children are with their grandparents.  Here they are told daily that they are just like their father.  Their father finally passed a drug test and was allowed visitation with the children, supervised.  The counselor brought him to my house for the visit they took the kids for an hour and came back.  The counselor left before my husband did.  He said he left me in the dangerous situation to test me.  I passed, because I called the counselor back to have him removed.

I want my children back home were they are not abused and are loved.

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