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Monday, October 31, 2011

From Tara

Wow! I don't even know if i could fit EVERYTHING I NEED TO SAY HERE, but ill try to condense it. I am a 29 yr old mother of three beautiful kids, of which i was forced to sign over parental rights to a family member of my oldest, and am currently fighting in court to save my other two children from foster care. WHY? Because it appears that in the state of florida you or anyone that gets pissed off for ANY reason can call on the next person AND SAY ANYTHING THEY WANT true or not and then they will be at your house in a heartbeat. They ask you the most intimate details of your life, analyze and scrutinize it and come in and steal your children. When i called my caseworker around CHRISTMAS time last year, she actually made the comment that "they were really busy because they were removing 1,500 children from their homes" I was sick to my stomach because you can bet that maybe 10 percent of those children were REALLY in danger, and the rest got caught up in the firestorm because the parents didnt make enough money, smoked pot (which is legal in some places) or didnt meet "their" standards of what a parent is. This is sad. My children lived in a 4 bedroom house, always fed, well dressed and clean and above all happy, but were still taken from me, because i hadnt completed parenting classes and make it to all my drug screens. I never thought in a million years they could do that. So, now im fighting for them and i will win back my rights. I wish the system would change because to know that some young mother struggling to take care of her child and wilt all the love in the world to give....... isnt good enough anymoreI It blows my mind that i am struggling to regain custody of my children in the same state as a twisted girl that was acquitted of murdering her baby! Go figure, Florida! Thanx, for letting me vent!  Tara

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