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Monday, October 31, 2011

From Janice

I am Janice Crifaci, in several cases they site my case as Crifaci vs Crifaci. My son was taken when he was almost 7. I helped move my Mother out to NM then went on a vacation. My friend "K" and I gave his daughters Mother , my other sons Fathers phone # as well as Michaels phone number to each parent. We alternatly called each child every night since on the road we didn't know where we would be. That way if there was an emergency, or a "need to move in a 2 day period?" we would know what was going on. I spoke to Michael on a Sat. night.That next  Mon. he was removed from school, and that Thurs they had Thanksgiving in PA. We all had been living in Fl. It was a miricle that Michaels Father claimed he couldn't find a job in Fl (I have 6 weeks of newspapers proving there were jobs available to him siince he had a great reputation in hid field) and had been offered one in PA,(however the first time we went to trial, the judge asked where he was working and he said it didn't work out, now thats a responsible Father to move w/o being sure the job would work out first) so with a wife that had just Miscarried a baby and 2 boys 6 yrs old, they managed to move to Pa in time for Thanksgiving in the house Michaels Grandfather gave to his father. It's amazing how quickly these things can happen...B.S., sorry. When I went up to Pa a couple years later I went to the school and they said they were given the impression I didn't have anything to do with Michael, I showed them my court papers and they copied and filed them. Since I didn't want his Father to know I had been to the school I waited a half hour and picked up Michael at home.

Now if you look on the site Lawyers reviews and ratings you will need to look for Ralph Mabie, West Palm Beach, Fl. The 3rd item down in the comments is where someone posted that Mr. Mabie and the social worker were bought and thats why I lost the case.(I really would love to know who wrote that and what the evidence is) I knew in my heart that was true, Mr. Mabie wouldn't present evidence at the first trial, and would not present it at the apeal either, he wouldn't let me on the stand to defend acusations and I begged him to ask Michaels father questions under oath, not that he wouldn't have lied anyway, but he refused again. It is over 20years later and it is still affecting my son and I. Michael is getting married and has paid over $8K for the wedding so far, has a new truck and a new motor cycle. He had the money because he is in the Army and bless him, has been to Iraq 3 times. Thank you God he came home safe and is now training to go into recruiting, which should keep him a bit safer. He is paying to fly from Pa to Co his best man and his step brother. With all this I have not been offered any help to go to the wedding, althought he knows how important as the Mother of the Groom it would be for me to get to be at the wedding. Michael and I use to be pretty close when I got to see him on his short visits, but his Father has done a great job of alienating him from me. Also when I was going through the 2 1/2 years of court I was expected to pay child support since in Fl thats the law, and 1/2 of airfares. It was very difficult. Now I am on disability for a physical problem, and for PTSD, Anxiety, and depression. All agrivated by the things Vince Crifaci has put me and my son through. All I could do is worry when Michael was away from me.

Sorry if this is a bit long, but I wanted to show how Parental Alieation affects a family for years and the rest of our lives. There is no trying to explain this to my son because he has been fed so many lies and  was just plain brainwashed. He doesn't even try to understand. Thank you, Janice Crifaci

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