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Monday, October 31, 2011

From Ronald

Hi my name is Ronald Garrett.I had an open DYFS case for a year and a half then my case got closed.I ended up having another baby by another woman and my daughter got taken from her out of daycare with out a court order.She had the same caseworker that I had Jennifer Knecht.The DYFS caseworker never came to notify me that they had my daughter they took her when she was 10 months old.They knew my family and never notified them either.I had to do all kinds of programs to get her back.It took me a year and a half.I didn't get her back until she was 2 and a half years old.They tried to take her when the mother was living with me but she took the mother to court and the case got dismissed.She still kept coming around with the police so I had to show them the court papers and they told her she could not come back out to my house.So 3 or 4 days latter she took her from the daycare.I missed her first walk and talk.Then the DYFS worker tried to say I was a drug dealer and a car theif.Thats why I had to do the programs.The DYFS case worker knew what type of man I was because the case with my other 2 daughter was all false statements by my ex wife and that case should of never been open.My girlfriend got pregnant again when my other daughter was in foster care and we had to hide it the whole pregnancy because we thought DYFS was going to take her from us.She was in labor for 2 days before she could go to the hospital because she had court.After court I took her to the hospital.Ended up she had to get an emergency secession because the baby was breach.She never went to the doctors the whole nine months because we didn't want DYFS to find out and take her like she did my other daughter.We knew if we got the baby home they couldn't take her from me. They tried but I stood my grounds so what they did was make her a DYFS case when she shouldn't been but they did let me keep her home.So why didn't they give me my other daughter because Jennifer Knechet, Linda in the adoption unit and supervisor abused there authority and tried to adopt my daughter out and I won the case.Bellas law wanted to take the case but I didn't have the money to pay them.I found out that there is a new law president Bush put out that by any means they are supposed to give the baby to a family member and my family was willing to take her.She tried to say she couldn't find me or the family but how is that she was my old case worker.I been at the same address for four years plus she knew where my family lived and she knew all of our phone numbers.Please someone help me.

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