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Friday, October 28, 2011

Fuck You CPS Your Victims Love Me!!!

As I announced earlier, Legally Kidnapped has reached 2 major milestones in one day. Not only, upon waking up at 10 AM this morning (stayed up late last night), turning on my computer, did I discover that I had reached the grand total of 4000 friends on Facebook, which I love every single one of you, but....

This is officially the 20,000th post to Legally Kidnapped!

Today is also, coincidentally, the 19th birthday of my step son, who was stolen by Maine CPS Agents on November 4th 1994. (I met her a couple years later)

Oh, and 2 days ago was my 15th wedding anniversary to my beautiful wife who I love today even more than I did on the day I married her.

So this has been a rather intensive and emotional week.

After seeing this magical 4000 number, I kind of did a little audit.  Here are the results.

I have reached 4000 Facebook friends.
599 Likes on my Facebook Fan Page.
650 Twitter followers.
543 people signed up for my daily email. (get it in the sidebar)
155 following me through Google Reader. (RSS)
121 members to the Yahoo News Group. (which is not active but I still love you anyway)
325 Subscribers to my YouTube channel.
And 132 following me through blogger.

Now, because of Facebook's limits, I have room for only 1000 more Facebook friends. From there, everybody will have to simply like the Fan Page, which I share with several other fantastic activists and advocates who are also working hard to help families and expose fraud in Child Welfare, making it a very informative feed to follow.

And with that said, I love every single one of you. Thank you all for making this a success, I couldn't have done it without you. And we will only get better from here.

Peace Love and Flowers


  1. Congratulations for not being able to post about flowers and butterflies.

  2. I wish you the very best, Pal.

    Leonard Henderson, co-founder
    American Family Rights
    "Until Every Child Comes Home"©
    "The Voice of America's Families"©

  3. Congratulations and keep up the great work the infew u share is very helpful

  4. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Congratulations LK, nobody does it better.

    Luke's Dad.

  5. Yes LK, everyone does love you. Keep up the good work. Your help is appreciated by everyone. You are definitely getting the word out. More people are listening thank's to you!

  6. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Most people out there look at me sideways when I tell them what scumbags CPS and CASA really are.

    I smile, point to the internet and instruct them to look up certain sites, and then tell them to ask themselves if they think we're all kooks, or if there just MIGHT be a problem out there with the baby stealers.

    Legally kidnapped, AFRA, SUNCANAA and Richard Wexler are always at the very top of my recommended list, and not once have I ever heard back from folks telling me we're on the wrong track.

    Keep kicking their asses in until the baby stealing stops.

    Bill Medvecky

  7. Velvet Martin, mother of angel, Samantha Martin12:11 PM

    CONGRATULATIONS LK! It should not be you who is hated, but others whose silent acceptance of criminal behaviour haunts the lives of the innocent. Stand proud, you are loved!

  8. Any plans for a Google+ page, Pat?

  9. I've been on Google + since invited about a month before the official launch.

  10. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Hi! You cast a Retrieve A Lover Spell for me back in December. And I'd like to thank you for it. My ex and I have been back together for a month now. And it's been even better than before. I think this time it's forever. We've been talking of moving in together, and maybe getting married in the future. Things between us are great. I thank you Dr Deva, for helping to bring him back to me. After our time apart, we've learned to appreciate each other more, and not take anything for granted.


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