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Monday, October 31, 2011

From Randa

My family was drug into the DCF/ Juvinelle Dependency Court System in September 2010 after an (un)alleged hotline call and a "family violence" (with no arrest) involving myself (Mom) and my Mother In Law, while my son was in my hands, but not injured.  CPI held a Shelter hearing which was denied, the children had not been removed at that point.  The end of September they direct filed and we went to mediation adn entered into a voluntary case plan with ECA "the department". In December my husband and I were having maritial issues and subsequently I was court ordered (thru dependency court) out of the home, Dad and kids remained at home.  We both completed tasks of 12 week individual counseling, Safe Start, I attended 26 weeks of Domestic Intervention Classes, my husband completed 12 weeks of ADR, we both did random UA's, pill counts We are currently in the middle of our Couples Counseling and voluntary,non task plan, Parenting Classes.ect ect... My husband and I mended our issues in March 2011 and case was set for closure August 2011.  Our Judge is and has been on vacation since June 2011 and won't be returning until September 2011.  When I brought our 4 and 2 year old home last Tuesday my 2 year old had a bad diaper, which I changed on a changing pad on my back seat but needed to wash my hands so I went into the kitchen and did so.  The case manager was at the house and called in a CPI Report of Violating a Court Order (the Dec Shelter Order Court Ordering me from residing in the home).  The following morning we had a 830am shelter hearing, my husband and I were 5 minutes late, my attorney was not notified until after the hearing by the ASA and the hearing had been held adn our 2 children ordered into shelter essentially because we were not in court on time, but the shelter hearing being on Violating a Court Order, not any sort of harm, abuse or neglect to our children.  We return to court Wednesday for a Shelter Review.  In the meantime the kids are residing with my parents whom dislike my husband greatly, as well as myself for choosing to continue my marriage, and have suddenly decided they don't think the children should be returned to us.  We have no substance problems, the Court found on March 2, 2011 that the circumstances that brought court intervention have been remedied yet my children were removed this week for violating a court order due to my walking in the home to wash my hands.



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