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Monday, October 31, 2011

From Barbara

my grandaughter was removed from her moms care and placed in foster home then was placed back with mom then removed again placed with me then removed the next day to be placed with granparents moms parents then placed with my bio brother n his wife who beat on each other and pulled guns and knives and tried hanging himself and ect ..he abused his own children tried killing them by placing arosol cans on bed post and was gonna blow them up he beat his ex which is our first cousin he has three children with.. he took a base ball bat to his son i told the worker and she talked to his youngest son the son asked the worker what are you gonna do lady when he trys killing the baby or his wife the worker hung up on him she asked him what he would do if he seen his dad on the street he said kill him..and child protective handed them my grandaughter but gave me three children non blood payed a lawyer for me to get guardianship of but wouldnt give me my own grandaughter ..please some one help these children

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