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Sunday, December 20, 2009

CPS's job is your job, too

CPS's job is your job, too

Yes folks! It's time to learn how to rat your neighbor out.

On Nov. 18, 2009, a 2-year-old girl died from what the Kern County coroner called blunt force trauma to the head. This tragic death represents the 17th child in Kern County to die as a direct result of abuse or neglect in the last 20 months. Because of new disclosure laws, enacted collectively as Senate Bill 39, the Department of Human Services is able to speak more openly about the heartbreaking circumstances surrounding child fatalities, including important questions raised by the community, such as whether Child Protective Services was involved with the family. Prior to SB 39, DHS was prohibited from making any public comment on child fatalities due to strict confidentiality laws, which often caused critics to accuse the agency of hiding behind a cloak of secrecy. As such, we fully embrace the opportunity to discuss details, and welcome the transparency that SB 39 provides.


  1. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Just call law enforcement (911): CPS is too busy chasing the wild geese cases.

  2. Anonymous9:09 PM

    The following injustice is happening right now, in Montgomery County, Texas, under our laws and in our courts.

    I was recently massacred in a custody battle for my 6 year old daughter. Judge Suzanne Stovall

    Convicted child molesters have more access to their children than I do.
    I am completely alienated from my 6 year old daughter.
    All calls and letters are intercepted, and I have no visitation.
    The mother completely alienated her older children from their father for 15 1/2 years in the same way.
    Judge Stovall punished me with over 20% child support, + attorney fees as child support.
    She inconsistently ruled on motions, laws, or rules to favor the mother.
    My lawyers repeatedly complained that she favored the mother.
    For 3 years, I pleaded for a trial or in some way, to present a case.
    Despite 3 years of hearings, Rule 11's, hundreds of emails, letters, and conversations, Judge Stovall refused to compel the mother to provide discovery, yet granted the mother 4 trial continuances; twice on the grounds that her discovery was incomplete; one of which was a preferentially set trial.
    She disregarded over 3 years and over 300, exhibited, provable charges of Contempt of Court against the mother.
    I paid the jury fee and insisted on a trial, which never came.
    When I received a copy of the Final Decree, it was significantly different, even opposite, to what had been read into the record.
    I refused to sign and adamantly insisted on a trial but Judge Stovall signed the settlement that she knew would totally alienate me from my daughter.
    Perjury, forged letters, falsified evidence, unsupported, inconsistent, and unchallenged false accusations, by the mother, CPS, et al., outweighed exhaustive undisputed facts, certified evidence, sworn statements, and objective/testable/verifiable documentation disproving the accusations and proving neglect and abuse by the mother.
    Even with the mother's sworn statements of medically abusing/neglecting my daughter and with the doctors corroborating records of her mistreatment, Judge Stovall took my daughter from me and placed her into her mother’s sole custody.
    For months, pediatricians and specialists examined, x-rayed, diagnosed, and ordered treatment for my daughter, but the opposite diagnosis and falsified evidence of Elaine Baggerley, an undereducated CPS investigator, prevailed over the professionals, with Judge Stovall.
    The mother continues to deliberately, medically mistreat my daughter's diagnosed medical condition(s), neglects her dental care, and the high risk lifestyles exposes my daughter to diseases.
    For over 1/2 of my daughter's life, she has been left in her mother’s violent and abusive home.
    Depositions, CISD records, Sworn statements, and other Certified and Certifiable evidence revealed a home with an AGGRAVATED SEXUAL ASSAULT FELON, wrist CUTTING, daily VIOLENCE, runaway teen, destruction, criminals, drug abuse (METH, COCAINE, XANAX, OXYCOTIN, etc), frequent police visits and a SEARCH WARRANT confiscated drug paraphernalia, multiple sex partners, multiple suspensions for drugs and violence, burglary, vandalism, shootings, disease, fighting, screaming, profanity, pornography (including BEASTIALITY), boys and men sleeping over, taking my daughter to sleep at men’s homes, and so much more.
    My daughter is taught obscene language and gestures.
    The mother provided SEXUALLY VIOLENT material and entertainment to her criminal teen children since they were young.
    The well paid mother has lived rent and utilities free for 3 ½ years but is deep in debt from undisclosed medical bills.
    My fees and expenses have exceeded $200,000.
    I will never, ever, ever give up trying to rescue my daughter.

    I have recorded nearly every contact with the mother, CPS, and many others.



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