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Friday, December 25, 2009

M4$ Get's Someones Baby For Christmas

And she's been chasing after this one like you wouldn't believe.

Yet More Info On The Sibling.

She's already got this one mothers kid. She wants to adopt him.

The Phone Call

The bio Mom is pregnant and M4$ wants the new baby too.

She even went to watch the real mother give birth while carrying a little dark secret. Here's the best part of this one...
I became furious at BirthMom for not seeking medical care throughout her pregnancy. For not eating properly. For smoking cigarettes the whole time. For drinking "just a little vodka" in her orange juice "on occasion". For taking pain pills. For inducing three whole weeks before her due date just because she didn't want to tear. For having 6 babies knowing she can't take care of any of them. For refusing birth control after having this one, saying naively that they might get to keep the next one. And so I took BabyBoy and we went home.
She's been plotting and planning this acquisition for a while now.

And she gets her hooks in.

and calls it the best Christmas Present ever.

Congrats M4$ and Merry Christmas to you.

I'll pray for the real mom.

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