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Sunday, December 27, 2009

child protection depicted in the animal world

Like predators in the animal world, "child protection" social workers target youngsters. They often use team work, divide and conquer tactics to separate them from their parents. Collaborators in the "child protection" industry whose livelihood depend on state-sponsored child removals all jump in to get their shares. This operation is usually impersonal and conducted as a business. Parents can do nothing to protect their children but to watch in despair when their children are being traumatized, or even killed in some extreme cases.

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  1. Parents are dying due to the stress of such trauma.
    In the past two months 2 individuals have died, one was a PAIN case, where we won the case, but the Father, had a heart attack,and died a month after having his name vindicated,and Social Services were going to have no more dealings with the Family, in the past few days i have heard that my colleague at FASO Margaret Gardener husband has died from cancer,while in prison, proclaiming is innocence to the very end.
    Margaret has worked tirelessly for well over 12 years, giving advice and support for those persons who state they have been wrongly accused of rape and child abuse.


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