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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Court removes McClain County judge from custody case

Court removes McClain County judge from custody case

A McClain County judge has been disqualified from hearing a child custody case after the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled he exceeded his authority and abused his discretion in rulings that stretched out over more than 21/2 years.

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  1. Anonymous5:21 AM

    Seems To be the going rate in this particular county...The government really needs to step up and take action in finding out what is really going on in these cases. There are many parents getting the Short end of the sticks. With being told..." You can do everything possible for the case and your children, but it don't mean you are going to get your children back..." or You may do everything in your power that you are supposed to and still lose your rights..." What is this really about..??? More people need to stand against CPS abuse!!!!!


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