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Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Slavery in Haiti the Media Won't Expose

The Slavery in Haiti the Media Won't Expose

Every year one or more of these organization - CNN, NBC, New York Times, Associated Press, Reuters, Miami Herald, ABC/Nightline or another such mouthpiece of the new West Indian trading companies - will, like clockwork, do a piece on how the disease-ridden Haitian poor in Haiti own child domestic servants known as- restaveks - KreyĆ²l for stay with. Poor young children, mostly small girls, who go stay with another family to work for their keep because their own families can't feed and shelter them. They mostly deliberately misidentify this phenomenon - which is present in EVERY poor country - as slavery ONLY in Haiti and solely, it seems, to feed the American public with its regular dose on the absurdity of an independent nation of Blacks trying to rule itself without a white colonial figurehead, how uncivilized these Blacks are in their gross treatment of their children as slaves! This constant popular U.S. media hit on Haiti apparently feeds the white psyche's programming on Haiti, its expectations and their US/Euro cultural narratives of superiority while throwing shame on Haiti precisely to marginalize, ad nauseam, Haiti's great feat of abolishing European chattel slavery, the Triangular Trade and direct colonialism. (See, Letter to AP Editors on Restavek Issue; Haitian child restaveks - domestic servants - does not equate to the European TransAtlantic trade/holocaust | Ezili's counter narrative on the ABC/Nightline report on the abuse of Haitian children, July 9, 2008 ; and Restavek: Letter to the New York Times - Demonizing the Gonaives Hurricane Victims, Sept. 14, 2008.)

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