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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Group advises New York government on youth issues

Group advises New York government on youth issues

The news from Albany causes concern. Despite the challenges of unsettled leadership and fiscal crises, there is a positive movement that signals the promise of what could be, if cooperation and coordination replaced conflict and hostility.
Many youth are "disconnected" from the usual sources of nurturance (family, school, workplace or community agencies) because they are in foster care, are not in age-appropriate educational setting, or are incarcerated (or have a family member who is incarcerated). These youth are at high risk of having problems as they transition to adulthood with respect to health, especially mental health, employment and stable and productive adult lives.

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  1. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Charming--Safe Horizons. ALL hype and no substance.

    Not a good organization at all. The harbinger of many false accusations against good families and keeping its head i nthe sand for the truly abused.


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