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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pete Townshend being targetted by anti-child abuse groups

Pete Townshend being targetted by anti-child abuse groups

Two U.S. anti-child abuse groups are calling for the National Football League (NFL) to ban Pete Townshend and the Who from performing at February 7th's Super Bowl Half Time show. reported that the groups are pushing for the boycott because of Townshend's 2003 caution by police for using a credit card in 1999 to access a website that allegedly advertised child pornography.


  1. Anonymous9:53 AM

    I hate those watchdog groups. Pete was cleared of all charges. Who is watching the watchers, anyway?

  2. And who are the "men" spearheading these suposed "anti-child abuse groups"?

    One is Evin Daly an untalented and unknown writer from Boca Raton, Florida who is using the manipulation of words combined with falsehoods to slander Pete Townshend. He also runs a right wing website called The Which he claims is "the Best News Source Known to Humanity" and has published a very creepy article about "Men and Porn" (Google at your own peril)

    Evin Daly has put a grossly disproportionate amount of focus on Pete who has been proven to NOT be a paedophile or in possession of child pornography. If Evin Daly REALLY wanted to save children from abuse, he would be putting his energies elsewhere. Anyone who claims their own version of the news is the "best known to humanity" obviously has severe ego problems. Compared to the work, time, money and career focus that Pete Townshend has put towards children's charities, Evin Daly is a bombastic joke.

    The other supposed champion of children's safety is Kevin Gillick. Kevin Gillick is another unknown grandstander trying to make a name for himself by defaming Townshend. He is clearly a bold faced liar who used huge brush strokes in his very weak argument against Mr.Townshend. For instance Gillick claims that "In 2006 Mr.Townshend was "forced to remove a pornographic story from his website" and that it "prompted an uproar from European child-advocacy groups." When in reality, it was a mainstream fictional novel that Pete kindly removed when it offended one group in Great Britain. Like Evin Daly, Kevin Gillick has accomplished very little with his own life and appears to only be making a name for himself via defamation, sophistry and media manipulation.

    If Daly and Gillick are so worried about child abuse why are they spending so much time and money going after someone who is not guilty? Judging them by their actions and not their words, they don't seem to be doing much of anything constructive to safeguard the lives of children. Charities that are privately and publicly funded are supposed to be focusing on the most pressing and severe issues, Pete's case which was decided in 2003, hardly qualifies. It could also be that possibly Evin Daly and Kevin Gillick are socio-paths who align themselves with charitable organizations to mask their own perversions; a pattern that is being seem more and more in children's rights issues.
    They should be going after TRUE child abusers or putting the private funds they receive towards battered women's shelters and foster children. Better yet they should be investigated themselves.

  3. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Is Kevin Gillick gay (or ex-gay); the gaydar kicked up when I saw him on MSNBC earlier this week.

  4. Anonymous3:55 PM

    I agree Anony, glad you said it not I -- I saw that MSLSD piece and nearly puked. Gillick looks creepy, slimy and like maybe he's holding a grudge against Townshend. Hm. Makes you wonder.


    Fox's coverage was at least balanced; I noticed they would NOT name these sick fascist groups. haha!!! Good on them.

    OTOH notice the MSLSD piece only presented the one side? Giving that ugly rat AIRTIME? ha, no wonder their rating SUCK. They're dirtbags of the lowest kind.

    Pete rocks. He'll triumph. Can't wait. Honestly I think he should sue. If this doesn't go away for him he may have grounds. Let's just see.


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