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Monday, December 28, 2009

Foster parents get boost from new law

Foster parents get boost from new law

Advocates for the rights of foster care parents are applauding a change in state law that gives the temporary caregivers more say in decisions regarding the future of a child placed in their care.

Note: That's nice. So in the situation where a foster parent grows attached to one of your kids, and you do everything you're supposed to do, and the foster parent wants to adopt...

An amendment to the state’s Juvenile Act now permits foster parents to present a report regarding the child’s adjustment and progress to the court for its consideration when determining whether a child should remain in placement or be returned to the biological parents.

Note: It's not their decision for a reason.


  1. I have has call from a Foster Carer this morning.
    She has had care of three children for well over two years, there was an incident and the children have been removed from her care, this was due to be a long term placement, this incident was something very trivial.
    There has been a child protection case conference,and they the foster carers had not been invited, but had been to all LAC reviews.
    The couple are totally devastated.
    They were employed by a private foster agency,and the report he carers received from the agency contained packs of lies.
    I have told the Lady to obtain all files under the data protection act,and to get the minutes to the case conference,and to use the agencies complaints procedure.
    The legal fees are costing a fortune because it is a private law matter,Natural Parents get free non means tested legal aid.

  2. Angel's mom12:32 PM

    There is a wise saying: If you love someone, set them free. If they are yours, they will return. If not, they never really were.


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