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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Guess what's about to hit the fan...

Dear readers

I follow several blogs, many of them written by social workers or foster parents. Some of them I link to every now and then, others I don't. I have found that the blogs give you a radically different perspective on the problem as the news articles are based on the rare occurrence of the newsworthy event taking place. In the blogs however, you get many personal glimpses into the very real lives of the people who the Child Protective Industry gives your children to. And today I feel obligated to bring your attention to one of my new favorite foster bloggers known as FosterAbba, who just happens to be having troubles with the child her and her partner adopted. And I don't mean anything minor. In fact, these people apparently have a child protective worker up their ass. Perhaps it's true, perhaps it's not. I don't know, I'm not the one making it up.

But you gotta check this out...

A false allegation of abuse or neglect? OMG! That's unheard of!

Now read this, and pay particularly close attention to the last paragraph.

"I'm not going to jump through any more hoops. If it means they take Danielle, I am good with it, because I'm just tired."

So you see folks, the Child Protective Industry would have you believe that all of these adoptive parents will live happily ever after once they have your child of their own to have and hug and squeeze and call George.

Reality often proves otherwise.


  1. Anonymous8:26 AM

    they blame that child for everything to make themselves look better. I had foster parents like that once. They made up stupid stuff like I didnt know what gifts were because i unwrapped them cleanly or that I didnt know what soap was because I asked which one i was supposed to use , and they said I broke stuff , you know like my bed - just by sitting on it. They always said i was purposely doing something wrong so they could clain every sympathy card they were thrown.

    I called teh worker when they sold gifts a previous foster family had gotten me and kept the proceeds. I was happy to go back to the rtc and their abuse and maltreatment.

    I refused to ever go back to a foster family so I stayed in an RTC and I was a better person for it , I am sure a rtc is better than an abusive family by far.

    They sat on teh girl and take restraint lightly. If she strikes out because she is being threatened with restraint , or they get hurt because they initiate restraint on her first. They deserve what they get , and yes you CAN dislocate an arm by jerking and pulling and put it back without NEEDING medical attention. It was done to me in that fashion. MANY TIMES.

    Just because you are a parent or a foster parent dosnt give you the right to manhandle a child everytime it does not fufill your requests or DEMANDS. They are people not slaves meant to carry out you commands at whim.

    the way they treat this girl is just WRONG. They do not treat her as a daughter , so much as a FOSTER CHILD , as if the title makes her less human.

    It IS Sick.

  2. Thanks for commenting. I'm going to use this as a post.

  3. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Isn't this the lady that was trying to seduce the child? And then said, "If she reports me and they take her because of the seduction no big deal."

    This blogger has a lot of blame to pass around, and none for herself. I am sure from what she says that people have been intruding on her life sense she was three. I don't see were she is handling everything very well, nor do I see that her decisions are all that great. She likes to include as many people as possible in HER troubled life. I am surprised that CPS isn't camped on her door step, right nexted to her dad and a few others.


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