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Monday, December 28, 2009

This was in my email this morning.

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CAS has been harassing me and my 4 children for about 10 years, much more the last 7 months. They got so dishonest, for the past 7 months my children have been living in foster care and asking quite regularly to come home to me, their mom. Dad is off having a midlife crisis with the blond and the Harley Davidson motorcycle. Dad worked away from home so I have always put my career off to be a damn good full time mom. I have raised these 4 children with very little help from anyone and that's including their dad. We told each other "family is #1!" We sacrificed material goods for loving, laughing and crying together. I grieved two family deaths and the abandonment of my partner, all within a few months. My ex-partner saw my weakness as his chance to control. More abuse! He called CAS and asked for his children to be taken from me by making false allegations about me. No one backed him up and no one had proof to back up his allegations. As I was building my family, I felt to live up to "I rock", I would attend free parental classes from different sponsors in our community. CAS wants me to do it again. CAS wants me to go to rehab when I'm not a drunk or a druggie. One of my children had surgery for broken bones because she was not being watched carefully, then my poor baby had head lice for one month straight. The whole house had to be sprayed by the pest control. She still does not have her broken front tooth fixed. A 2nd child entered hospital with a huge black eye and no explanation. A 3rd child injured his face as he fell off the picnic table he said he was jumping to....Why? The eldest was sent to a high risk sport of gymnastics near competitive level wearing glasses instead of contacts. She is more responsible. However this CAS cancelled my children's OHIP and for 2 weeks so I was getting medical and eyeware bills. I got paper proof!! I was "invited" to the children's Dr. appointments and the 15 year old was not allowed to have her right to privacy to speak about an embarassing topic with him alone. Afterwards the child protection worker tried to get my 15 year old to go to the local health unit to get birth control without me. My daughter was furious since she was smart enough to have listened to her mom say "no" and "why". She says "mom we are a team" and "together we can do it", all the time. CAS says I can't do it. In fact not only can I not parent, but the abusive father can have the kids whenever he wants. I am guilty and they haven't even started to do their homework. These people are pathetic. Not only do I not support bullying, I encourage peace and the children to stand up to bullies. My eldest and I stand up to CAS workers always. The result is the children are separated, manipulated and then punished psychologically. Sometimes my scheduled weekly visit gets cancelled so CAS can show who's boss. I can only see my babies once/week. We cry and support each other and the kids tell me and their lawyer they want to come home. I refuse to do CAS' bidding and my 15 year old agrees. She says "you're the best" and I say "you're the best too" but CAS says "You have problems". I got an anti-depressant like the other half of the population and I can do anything. Anyways, What looks better? "you're the best" OR "You have problems". I am a damn good mom, my kids tell me so much, I believe "you're the best" and CAS is wrong. So in the present I am trying to hire a civil lawyer to sue CAS and take my children back. CAS and my ex-partner have caused an unbelievable amount of emotional distress, especially since before things came to this point, I had asked for help from my partner and CAS earlier of the past year and both my partner and CAS said NO. I was put on a local counseling help list and stayed on it waiting for almost a year before my family was seen and by then, my ex-partner had already left us. CAS collected a lot of money when they kidnapped 4 children. I was told $32,000 for kidnapping and placement. They even use my child tax credit and GST cheques to run their office. The foster parents do not receive these cheques however the government wants me to pay them back but why when I did not ask for my babies to go into care? That private organization kidnapped my children, I and my children do not want to be involved with CAS, and all 5 of us have been effectively silenced in the courtroom. To top it off, CAS has not done any homework since all the information they presented to the family court judge was either wrong or inaccurate and the judge went right along with it, no questions asked. I am disgusted, shocked and angry. No lawyer will even help me to get the truth out and the children's lawyers refuse to make affidavits. I hope a civil lawyer will get farther and I hope because of my family some good change can come for future families. One day at a time.


  1. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Are you familiar with the website

    Run for years by a dedicated man, Robert, who has worked in conjunction with Jon Dunne ( who is a former foster child and knows how CAS operates)

    If everyone joins together and attacks CPS for its complete and utter foolishness can CAS be subdued or at least tamed ( or shamed) into helpful, not hurtful behavior.

    After all, it really is for the kids and families HARMED.

  2. May I put this on my blog too?

  3. kathy trout9:44 AM

    hello i am sorry you are going through this i to went through it but i was the kid in care that was molested in one home for 7 years then movied on to a nother home to be aboused i have no scholling do to moving only 3 out of 52 foster homes were good then i have my kids and they used my past as a kid to tell court i had lots of problems with cas well my kids were in care my son and little girl got hit and my son got smashed so hard in to the corner he got a nos bleed, my son told us and cas the next day just to have ann macneil of brant cas to say kids lie well in care i asked to have copps calld and an investagation but nothing was don we have to stand up for are kids and r selves i to would like to fight back and sue the toronto and brant cas pleas if you no a lawyer that could help email me thanx


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