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Saturday, December 26, 2009

FosterAbba is Feelin' Pissed Off

Feelin' Pissed Off


  1. Anonymous9:40 AM

    The worm turns on FOSTER ABBA.

    Teens are much less amenable to parental advice, correction or authority since 1974 and the inception of CAPTA.

    It is also interesting to observe the incidence of girls acting out much more vehemently than before.
    with Edler

    Go into the schools and see what disasters teachers routinely deal with, since parents have been dealt out of the corrections loop.

  2. OMG the woman hates that the child mirror the woman's own behavior. Call the child STUPID ?

    The girl WOULD be better off in a RTC that such a mentally unstable parent .

    My opinion - not solid rock

  3. I left her a comment that said welcome to our world. It remains to be seen if she posts it or not. It certainly wasn't an ugly comment by any stretch of the imagination. I just find it funny (not ha ha funny) how everybody gets all up in arms over false (or even true) abuse allegations against foster care providers. Oh, the world believes them when they say it's a lie but for us bio parents, if it's said, it must be true.


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