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Friday, January 29, 2010

Submitted by Anonymous

My ex (good friend and father of my oldest son) is fighting for his youngest son. He was placed in foster care after the mom was arrested for battery. The couple were not married. The father was not notified of the arrest or child placement due to the fact that there was no paternity test done thus far. When it was time for court, the father was told that since he was paying child support, paternity was already established. The public defender did nothing to bring up this point. Many months later he gets to visit his son. However, neither his case worker or the foster mom (who is partial since she raised the mother in question) will work with him. He is being tricked into meetings with his ex. A home study that was promised months ago has not been performed. The case worker will not speak to him. This little boy just turned 3. His mother was caught with a level 3 sex offender, and had his baby. The 3 year old has been left alone in a car all night. There is no justice. I would not fight if he were a crummy father, but my 9 year old will tell you that his daddy is the best. He has done NOTHING wrong. Well, he made the case worker mad when he called her daily to find out how to get his son. Legally no one is helping him. While the system is ignoring the father, the child is suffering. Why? because they are being lazy. This child is suffering for absolutely no reason. He should be with his father right now.

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