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Friday, January 29, 2010

Submitted by Dawn

i live in montana and my sister lives in nashua and this morning she calls me and tells me the state just took her four kids for unexspland reasons i want them to come to stay with me rather then go to a foster home were they would have to be around strangers the kids world was just turned upside down 'they always say there looking out for the best intrest of the kids in this case i dont think so' what steps would i take to get them here were they would be safe and comfortable

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  1. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Contact the county social services were the kids were taken and tell them that you want them and are coming to get them. Money talks or in other words don't ask for anything. They will want to have you fill out some paper work, don't add any info that would suggest criminal history. Montana does not share info well, so not likly they can get any out of your state. You may have to get a case worker were you live so call your local social services and establish a relationship. Don't be hostile with anyone involve, don't voluntary any info about anyone.

    Good luck, although you should have those kids in your home in two weeks. If none of that works take copies of all your info to the court were this case is and let the judge decide. Unless there is some serious corruption there is no reason for them and the judge not let you have those kids.


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