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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Funding runs out for Child Advocacy Center

Funding runs out for Child Advocacy Center

Unless the group finds funding, the board of directors will likely vote to close the center within a few months, said Ron Paschal, a deputy district attorney.

Note: Why? I don't know, but this article really set my mind to wandering.

This article, I assume, is a last ditch effort push to raise funds for a non-profit which is about to go under. I want you to be aware of the structure of this article before reading it. It's a tactic used by the media to capture your attention and sell papers. It's also a tactic used by the child protective industry to tug on the heart strings of the mindless sheep who blindly support that which is going on behind the iron curtain of confidentiality laws without having a clue about what they're really being supportive of, due to an exaggerated presentation.

The beginning of this article describes a horrific case of child abuse.
First, he raped her.

Then he set her on fire.

The girl, age 10 then, was badly burned over most of her body. Her stepfather had sprayed lighter fluid all over her before clicking the cigarette lighter.
Now, anybody in their right mind can see that this is a case where the child needs to be protected and things like this do happen. Therefore CPS is a necessary evil.

Then the article goes on to talk about the Child Advocacy Center helping children who have been through such horrific abuse, to navigate their way to a new life in the system.

I have no problem with that part.

Here's where the issue comes in.
The group, he said, has done a world of good for thousands of bewildered and traumatized child abuse victims in Sedgwick County. Investigators dealt with 2,676 investigations in 2009, 445 involving sex crimes, 239 involving child exploitation. He's disappointed that the center may soon die.
I'm going to repeat this particular line.
"The group, he said, has done a world of good for thousands of bewildered and traumatized child abuse victims in Sedgwick County. Investigators dealt with 2,676 investigations in 2009"
Then I'm going to remind you of the opening of this article.
First, he raped her.

Then he set her on fire.

The girl, age 10 then, was badly burned over most of her body. Her stepfather had sprayed lighter fluid all over her before clicking the cigarette lighter.
Then I'm going to ask you to put 2 and 2 together because it's right there in front of your face.

Think for a minute. How many parent victims of Child Protective Services would have supported the concept of CPS and what they do prior to having a social worker crawling up your ass? How many social workers have quit their jobs at the agencies simply because they learned what it was all about or couldn't handle the guilt associated with the destruction of families?

The article starts with a narrative of a horrific case. The article then goes on to make a statement that there were 2,676 child abuse investigations in 2009 in Sedgwick County Kansas. The article does not tell you how many of these cases have been substantiated, how many of these kids have been removed, nor does it bother to mention that the details of the case mentioned in the beginning are rare in comparison to any realistic level of severity, leading the untrained mind to believe that 2,676 child abuse cases in Sedgwick County Kansas are as severe and sadistic as the one described in this article. This is a lie by insinuation, exaggeration, omission of fact, pure bullshit artistry, what have you.

And here's the key...

Humans, by nature, accept the reality with which they are presented. Once you understand this, you will see where the blind support of CPS by the sheep comes from. Once you understand this, you will understand how they are allowed to operate their fraudulent little scheme based on a noble goal demanded by nobody's who scream out against CPS for not protecting that one child, you will understand why nobody gives a flying fuck about you once you are accused of child abuse, and you'll understand why all these idiots are out there demanding that CPS do more to protect children when they're already overwhelmed by protecting so many kids who don't need to be protected because of this vicious cycle created by all of the anti-child abuse people out there who preach the doctrine of victimization, as if they're trying to fulfill the old prophesy which states, "the meek will inherit the Earth." And once you understand this, perhaps you'll understand how a US Senator such as Susan Collins from Maine can use her support of an adoption agency as an election year photo opportunity, or how System Suck Representatives such as Michelle Bachmann can use her time as a foster parent to promote her campaign as if she is a saint amongst us.

Plato, back around 600 BC, put forth this philosophical theory in his book the Republic when he wrote the Myth of the Cave. Prisoners, kept bound in a cave since birth, seeing nothing but shadows passing by on a wall. To them this was reality. That was the reality which was presented to them.

The media's portrayal of the child abuse issue works the same way. People are shown the most horrific cases of abuse, then when the words, "Child Abuse or Neglect" are mentioned in casual conversation the horrible images of abuse and neglect that they saw on TV or read about in the newspapers just pops into their heads leaving them with only the most severe cases as their understanding of what Child Abuse or Neglect is and leaving them thinking that CPS is always so heroic to prevent such horrors from happening to more children. They experience a flood of emotion at mere mention of the word, they jump on the bandwagons of public outcry's becasue one kid is killed by abuse and therefore all abusers will kill.

I have also mentioned before that the labels "Child Abuse" and "Neglect" have become generic. So to the sheeple, the words "Child Abuse" always means something so horrible as a little girl being raped, doused with lighter fluid and set on fire. The word "neglect" always means something like the child being starved to death for months alone in an apartment while the crack whore mother is off in wonderland seeking her next fix.

Once labeled as a "child abuser" society views you as a monster, and they do so without as much of a clue as to a realistic understanding of what child abuse or neglect is or what acts you have committed that caused them to place this label on you. If you swat your kid on the ass and are accused of abuse by doing so, or if you smack your teenager in the face for telling you to go fuck yourself, then to the sheep, you are no better then the parents of Baby P who beat and tortured the kid so severely that the number of children being taken into foster care in England had to go through the roof in order to prevent such a rare occurrence of child abuse from happening again and the promotion of the thought that all children are at risk.

They simply describe one excessive case and lead you to believe that all are the same.

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed”.
- Adolf Hitler


  1. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Take a look at the link at the bottom of this URL for Practices which the 9th Circuit Court states are implementing to curb DSHS, DHS abridging students Fourth Amendment rights where they are, in effect, * seized* by law enforcement when in school and being questioned by CPS and LE concerning *sex abuse.*

    Records or 3rd party witnesses must be called in.

    Notice that schools always have a secretary and /or a tape recorder available.

    These are practices which CPS is now required to implement in WA.

    Because illegal questioning of students where they do NOT feel free to leave is deemed a SEIZURE.

    Very interesting.

    Of course, CPS *seizes * actual children from parents ALL THE TIME.

  2. Re: CPS pretense that every case
    is a HORROR:

    I like the Barney Fife analogy, where he talks up the BIG CASE
    and would never admit that the
    stuff he does every day is boring.

    Babysitting Otis for example.

    He wants people to think he's earning his pay.

  3. Re: Pretense that every case is a DRAMA: I think it's a bit like Barney Fife's gig in Mayberry. His ego and his job depend on his bragging about that ONE TIME when
    some real desperados came through town. If he admitted to everybody what he did every day, they'd fire him and save the money.

  4. I know the feeling PAIN lost its funding in 2001, at the time the Organization was receiving up to a thousand cases a month.
    We are receiving up to 25 new cases a day at present,and i am having a job to cope, because of working full time, there are many cases that need urgent input, but we do not have the time or means to cope.
    We are going to try and get funding by the Department of Health again, but this Government,and Ed Balls have a total disregard for Parents that have children wrongly taken into care.


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