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Friday, January 29, 2010

Submitted by Krista

I am reaching to find help for my boys. I have three boys who were removed from my home and placed in foster care. Their ages are 8,14, and 16. My 8 year old is currently being abused in the home. The foster parent twists his arm behind his back, drags him around the house by his arm and the other she kept pushing him in his back several times, until finally he turned around and hit her on the leg. They immediately removed him (only him not his siblings) from the home and placed him with another foster parent. My oldest son told both caseworkers of the abuse prior to the final incident and they did nothing about it. I have asked that all 3 of my boys be removed from the home due to her actions. She is constantly yelling at my 8 year old, tells him she's going to break him and taunting to the point he gets very upset. Then she calls the caseworker and blames it on him, failing to mention that she had been physical prior to the incidents. She has told them that he is uncontrollable so they have put him on aderal. My son is not ill mannered in anyway. He has no problems in school or with others. As a matter of fact the people at DFACS always brag on how well-behaved and respectful my sons are. But this woman is just absolutely mean to them. And my son is being punished by being removed from his siblings now he's really alone. He was punished a couple weeks ago by being sent to his room for a week and a half because he said something wrong to her. He was not allowed to come out except to goto school. No tv, no body to talk to for a week and a half. THATS ABSURD. Even time out is only their age. She only feeds them twice a day and they are not allowed to get anything to eat or drink in between meals, she takes her son to eat and if my boys don't have money they are not allowed to eat. If my children ask for seconds or something to drink between meals they are told "What do you think this is a restaurant?"

My children were taken to the health dept for shots and the nurse told the volunteer driver to let the case worker know that the boys are losing to much weight and are not eating properly. Apparently this message didn't get to the case worker or the foster parent because nothings changed.

My children were not removed from my house because of abuse and I can't sit back and let them be abused now. They have done nothing wrong and she is treating them as if it's their fault they are there. I need guidance because I honestly fear that if she decides to take her anger out on one my older boys since the youngest is gone. Although I have told them that if she touches them they are to call 911 and then call me. I worry about the plan impulse of someone hitting them, ones first instinct is self defense, which is what I believe she is trying to envoke.
Please let me know who I can talk to or what I need to do to protect my children. They are due to return home in February but Dfacs keeps coming up with excuses even though my caseplan is nearly completed. I just have to finish my anger management classes. Which I have mastered if you ask me because I know of the abuse that this woman is inflicting on my boys and I have yet to knock on her door??? GET IT!!!! How would she like it if I twisted her arm??? It's a good thing we're not an eye for eye country!!! I know it would not be in the best interest of my boys though although my first instinct is to protect I need to do it legally and DFACS knows of the situation they are in and their response is Everyones parenting practices are different!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please help me to help my boys

I have contacted afew lawyers and they tell me they don't do cases against DFACS!!!! Are you serious???? Scared of a challenge??? Bet if it was your child you'd already be in the courtroom.

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