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Friday, January 29, 2010

Has ACS accused you of abuse or neglect? Brooklyn Family Court Lawyer

Has ACS accused you of abuse or neglect? Brooklyn Family Court Lawyer

I am a Brooklyn Family Law Attorney and I represent parents on abuse and/or negelct cases. It causes great horror for a parent when the Administration for Children’s Services(ACS) accuses you of abuse or neglect and perhaps brings you to Court for a child protective proceeding. The horror increases when the Court decides that your child or children should be removed from your home pending a judicial determination of your conduct with your children. Here the Family Court will decide if you abused or neglected your children, if your children will still live with you or where your children will go if they cannot stay with you.

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  1. Anonymous9:09 PM

    I live in NYC and I somewhat know of this attorney; mostly from his ads. But, I did do an ecourts check on him in family court and he does not appear to be an 18-B (appointed by the Court) attorney. Rather, he is privately retained to fight abuse, neglect, Orders of Protection and Termination of Parental Rights suits.
    He may be worth a go for anyone in Brooklyn, NY or Manhattan who has been beset upon by ACS (NYC's version of CPS.

    At the very least, it would be worth a call to his offices if you are in NYC.


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