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Friday, January 29, 2010

Submitted by Tia

My name is Tia Drinkhouse you put an article on here about me and my children on Sept 11,2008. I wish I could tell parents that I did the right thing but as I sit here the night before Christmas eve and I dont have my children that I have no rights to my children and that I wish I would have kept my mouth shut and that I might have my children back even if it is not right. There is corruption from dss to the sheriff to the judges and no one cares they all say its not right no one will stand up and help. My sister inlaw works for dss and last week in court she snickered and mocked me and the judge did nothing. Funny they are coming after me 50000 and I have been told I will be thrown in jail if I can not pay. Tell me what do I do???



  1. Anonymous10:19 AM

    First you should stop playing the victim, your own teenage children reported you for neglect and abuse. You have never cared for your own children in any way. You are a lost soul for sure but you are still wrong for failing as a parent, wife and human being.

    1. Funny I just spent August with my son and my new grandson so if I was such a horrible parent pretty sure he would call it like it is!!! No victim here just someone that got ran over by a corrupt system also that’s why I’m a foster parent!!! Check your facts

    2. Not ballsy enough to put your name out there anonymous hide behind that!!!


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