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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Collier sheriff’s deputy charged with fraud, grand theft

Collier sheriff’s deputy charged with fraud, grand theft

A Collier County Sheriff’s deputy faces grand theft charges on allegations she collected thousands of dollars in childcare subsidies for adopted children no longer in her care.

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  1. I find this story odd. First of all, how often does an adoptive parent give the children back to the birth mother, especially after having the children for 7 years? Adopting through DFCS I would be surprized that the adoptive parent even knew the biological parent...slim chance if any. Plus this link tells a little differnt story about the time she was married

    If I understood correctly, werent the children twin boys?
    Oh I almost forgot! DFCS is suppose to be in contact wi the adoptive parent as long as they receive funding....guess sombody dropped the ball.


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