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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Attn: Arkansas!!! Remove Judge Joseph Griffin from the Bench!!!

If Tony Alamo was the big threat, how are these kids in danger when he's in jail?

Parental rights of six Alamo church members terminated

A judge on Thursday terminated the parental rights of six members of the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries, clearing the way for the members’ children to be put up for adoption.

Note: And a warning to parents of Arkansas! If you come up against Joe Griffin, demand a fair judge!

Vatican-Led NWO Won’t Allow Alamo Kids To Read Bible
Angela Ondrisek Inquest

Abduction of Tony Alamo Christian Ministries children

Abduction of Tony Alamo Christian Ministries children on Novembert 11, 2008 on a busy highway in Texarkana Texas. The children were taken into custody by the Texarkana police, Arkansas State Police, Department of Human Services and other government agents, about fifty in all in over 20 vehicles and helicopters. The children were severly traumatized and terrorized by this event. This brutal abuse of children is typical of the Department of Human Services in Arkansas and throughout the United States.

Make sure you look at the faces of the babystealers.

What's really sad is that it doesn't bother these babystealers one bit to do this to loving families.

Welcome to Modern Day America People!!!


  1. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Let's see...completely devastate, torture, and utterly destroy 6 families for the rest of their lives because the children who have been very well cared for and loved till being kidnapped may possibly be at risk in the future.
    Child "Protective" I mean DESTRUCTIVE Services and their partners in crime doing what they do best.

  2. Anonymous9:55 AM

    What a horror! Words can't begin to express my grief and sympathy for my friends at Alamo Ministries.

    As unbelievable as this nightmare has been, this court and CPS/DHS has never, since the beginning, offered one ounce of hope that the outcome of this Inquisition wouldn't be a complete annihilation of Tony Alamo, the parents, the children, and the ministry. I'm not even surprised that this demonic judge, in standard Inquisitorial Roman form, kicked Cheryl Barnes of CPS Watch Legal Team and the rest of the family advocates out of the courtroom to deny the parents adequate representation. And to make sure the world NEVER discovers the injustices committed by CPS/DHS and this court in these proceedings, the information blackout continues and the gag order remains stuffed down the throats of these persecuted Protestant parents. The Inquisitors; this court, Arkansas CPS/DHS, with the cooperation of the complicit mainstream media, are the only ones allowed to speak. Together they have all turned the clock back 1000 years.

    This whole thing has been a trumped up load of garbage from the get go. Tony is right, Slander Works! And the hell that has been brought down upon Tony, the parents, the children, and the ministry, is a threat that now looms over the head of every truth-telling ministry in this country, including MINE! God grant that when my time of persecution comes, I am able to weather the Roman Thunder with the same grace and steadfastness to the faith of Christ that Tony and everyone in the ministry has shown.

    I prayed for a miracle of deliverance on behalf of Tony and the parents and children, so that they could all return to the service of Christ in the ministry together as before. Obviously, our Father in Heaven has determined that the Beast's sins have not yet come to it's full predetermined measure and Father has allowed yet another Inquisition to prevail against His people for a time. But we have every assurance that complete restoration and incalculable reward is ours when the Woman and her Roman Beast's sins have finally reached up to Heaven and the Father remembers her iniquities and brings this evil time to a full end and His righteous judgment is rendered. God hasten the day!

    Until that day, I remain in prayer and in full support of all the Saints at Tony Alamo Christian Ministries. Inquisition Update will remain, small as it may be, a voice of support to everyone in the ministry. Until the ministry members choose to use Inquisition Update to tell their story, I will continue to denounce and expose the unconstitutional, un-Biblical, and diabolical means and methods by which the Beast has perpetrated this Inquisition against them, in order to help other like ministries to prepare themselves for, or, to avoid similar persecutions.

    Finally, understanding that no human expression could comfort the grieving parents and children, I commit them into the loving arms of the Only One who can truly comfort them, our Savior, Lord, and KING!

    Steadfastly with you all in Christ,

    Tom Friess
    Inquisition Update

  3. Anonymous10:00 AM

    Dear Pat,
    I prayerfully hope that we have a HUGE response to your expose' on the most unhonorable Judge Joe Griffin and his chains of darkness DHS/CASA, Foster care providers who have destroyed the lives of these innocent families and children because he doesn't like the fact that they want to serve their God and practice their faith in the church/ministry they were called to abide in and work for the Lord in. EVERYONE YELL THIS FROM THE HOUSETOPS! RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION IN AMERICA!!! YOU, YOUR CHURCH, YOUR FAMILIES ARE IN DANGER NOW THAT THIS JUDGE GOT AWAY WITH SUCH A HORRENDOUS CRIME!!


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