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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And the winner is...

With 46% of the vote, Judge Suzanne Stovall of Texas.

I was recently massacred in a 3½ year custody battle for my 6 year old daughter.

Convicted child molesters have more access to their children than I do.

I have seen my daughter only 1 hour since Sept 2008 & have talked with her less. Calls & letters are intercepted, & I have no visitation.

The mother secreted her 2 month and 14 month old babies 1200 miles from their father and for 15½ years, her family prevented all contact.

The Honorable Judge Suzanne Stovall continued the case for years because the mother’s discovery was incomplete, but then suddenly signed a Final Decree, without compelling the mother’s discovery and ignoring the overwhelming certified/certifiable evidence of her violence and abuse.

Honorable Stovall punished me with 20% +$100 monthly child support.

She inconsistently ruled on motions, laws, or rules to favor the mother.

My lawyers repeatedly complained that she favored the mother.

For 3 years, I pleaded for a trial or in some way, to present a case. Despite 3 years of hearings, Rule 11's, hundreds of emails, letters, & conversations, Honorable Stovall refused to compel the mother to provide discovery, yet granted the mother 2 years of continuances because her discovery was incomplete; including continuing a preferentially set trial.

The mother & lawyers knew how devastating her discovery would be, but Honorable Stovall refused to compel production.

She disregarded 3+ years & 300+ exhibited provable charges of Contempt against the mother, including failing to pay child support, interfering with child custody, and worse.

I paid the jury fee and adamantly insisted on a trial, but Honorable Stovall signed a Final Decree that she knew would alienate me from my daughter.

Perjury, forged letters, falsified evidence, unsupported, inconsistent, & unchallenged false accusations, by the mother, CPS, et al., outweighed exhaustive undisputed facts, certified evidence, sworn statements, & objective/testable/verifiable documentation, disproving the accusations, & proving neglect & abuse by the mother.

For years, the mother has secreted our daughter to doctors, & medically mistreated her.

For at least 15 months, the mother yo-yoed my daughter on steroids.

But when pediatricians & specialists examined, x-rayed, diagnosed, & ordered treatment for my daughter, for a real & progressing condition, the mother refused to comply.

The opposite diagnosis & falsified evidence of an undereducated CPS investigator, prevailed over the professionals, with Judge Stovall.

Even with the mother's sworn statements of medically abusing/neglecting my daughter & with the doctors corroborating records of her mistreatment, Judge Stovall took my daughter from me & placed her into the mother’s sole custody.

The mother continues to deliberately, medically mistreat my daughter, neglects her dental care, & the high risk lifestyles exposes my daughter to diseases.

Depositions, CISD records, Sworn statements, & other Certified & Certifiable evidence revealed a home with an AGGRAVATED SEXUAL ASSAULT FELON, wrist CUTTING, daily VIOLENCE, runaway teen, destruction, criminals, drug abuse (METH, COCAINE, XANAX, OXYCOTIN, etc), frequent police visits & a SEARCH WARRANT confiscated
drug paraphernalia, multiple sex partners, multiple suspensions for drugs & violence, burglary, vandalism, shootings, disease, fighting, screaming, profanity, pornography (incl BEASTIALITY), boys & men sleeping over, my daughter sleeping at men’s homes, being taught obscene language & gestures, & so much more.

With the knowledge and support of the psychologist, therapist, ad litem, and CPS, the mother has so thwarted my 6¼ year old daughter’s education that she only counts to 12, and is a significant disciplinary problem.

The mother provided her young children GRAPHICALLY SEXUALLY VIOLENT entertainment.
Her children became criminals, who had to attend alternative high schools.

The mother’s family and friends have threatened me at my home and away, and my property has been vandalized.

I have received harassing, obscene, and middle of the night phone calls.

The well paid, well insured mother has lived rent & utilities free for 3 ½ years, but claims to be deep in debt from medical expenses.

The mother has committed tax, CHIPs, Medicaid, & insurance fraud at least since 2003.

My debt exceeds twice my gross annual income & is increasing.

Fees and expenses have exceeded 4 times my gross annual income.

I have recorded nearly every contact with the mother, CPS, ad litem, & many others.

I love and want my daughter and will never, ever, ever give up trying to rescue her.


I can provide:
medical & doctors records of years of mistreatment
CPS reports of violence, drugs, medical mistreatment, etc
psychological evaluations include lying, abuse, etc
depositions of lying, violence, drug abuse, sex, etc
CISD records of violence, drugs, sex, etc
police reports of violence, drugs, shootings, etc
myspace of violence, drug abuse, sex, pornography, etc
emails to/from the: ad litem, psychologist, therapist

Congratulations Judge Stovall. You are the official winner, as chosen by the readers of Legally Kidnapped, as the Low Life, Piece of Shit Babystealer of the Year for 2009.

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  1. Anonymous8:52 AM

    So what we need is an address to send our thanks to all the folks involved in this travesty.

    The Judge, CPS, CASA, any Dr's and "Professionals", and especially any baby stealers who participated need to know how they are thought of.

    I for one would "Reward" those people with a weekly notice of their winnings for the next 52 weeks.

    Bill Medvecky


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