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Monday, December 21, 2009

Toddler dies in foster care.

Toddler dies in foster care.

Woman had two children. Age two and three and she was pregnant with another. She was very young and stuck in an abusive relationship. She fled to a shelter with both children. During her pregnancy she was put on bed rest and was convinced by the people at the shelter to put her boys in foster care until she had the baby.

She did.

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  1. Yet another senseless death of a child in foster care. And we bios are the problem? Yeah, right. I have no doubts that this child would still be alive had they not convinced this young, under-educated, single mom to put them in foster care "for their own good." Now they want to blame the brother. Pass the buck and take no responsibility for your actions. I guess making foster parents of the year made them think they can pretty much do whatever they want and get by with it. All I know is this child should be getting ready for Santa, not getting ready to be buried.


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