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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Submitted by Connie

The next few posts were left on the LK Submission Form.
My 16 year old daughter ran away in August. They found her and kept her in September and since I signed that case plan, I am required to take CPS anger management by a CPS worker at the CPS office. Parenting classes are by a CPS worker at my house and Psychological assesment by CPS Psyschologist. See a pattern? Now CPS anger management worker says I missed too many session and have been cancelled. CPS parenting class worker cancelled on me last class and my precious court appointed attorney just quit because he didn't like me pointing out the Constitution to him. I am so screwed. Daughter is pregnant. HELP!!!

This person raises an interesting point, and one that I always try to warn parents about.

If CPS tells you that you need services, it is always best to hire your own service providers. Find a way to pay for it. Document everything, organize your paperwork and present it to the judge yourself. Otherwise, you'll be stuck with a CPS provided System Suck whose goal is to help CPS build their case against you.

If CPS tells you that you have no choice but to go to their System Suck Service Providers, then go, speak positively but still hire your own. By doing this, you may very well gain an advocate on your behalf that will be able to dispute CPS's claims against you.

Remember, CPS only gives contracts to System Sucks who are friendly to the state.


  1. Anonymous9:30 AM

    NO- BID CONTRACTS are common in some states who have many unemployed LPC's MSW's and the like.

    Mainly this is in states which grant such useless college majors.

    The #1 one rule when dealing with CPS is to NEVER SIGN ANYTHING, BUT DECLINE WITH A SMILE.

    Please try NOT to offend these drones.

    They do have lots of UNACCOUNTABLE POWER, so game them.


  2. Anonymous8:23 PM

    connie i would like to share with you but i do not post info. my email is if you contact me i can share some things i learned from when i was falsely accused.


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