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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kids with parents in jail given special treat

at the annual christmas party -- the children get to see santa and get presents. but organizers say it's more than that. many of the kids are in foster care -- so it's a rare chance for them to be with family and make happy memories. my dad, i love him and i want to go see him very much. meet 8-year-old alexis griego -- who has a dad behind bars. for many children ... these cards are their only contact with a jailed parent on christmas. and some say it's a chance to find magic in the holiday. this year is different than other years because we're expecting a lot more kids to come and get gifts from santa due to the economic downfall. while most of the inmates aren't at the holiday party -- some of their children get a rare chance to see the rest of the family. they're life is within foster care, within several different families. this is a way for them to reunite. and what's a christmas party without old saint nick? ho, ho, ho. the kids get a chance to meet the man of the hour. say hi! hi santa! come on up here! then the kids grab their loot. churches, schools and county employees donated 2000 toys. but volunteers say seeing these little faces light up is the true christmas gift. just when the kids come up, we get to give them the toys and just to see the look of joy on their face. they actually get a xmas even though their parents aren't home. they realize there can be happiness. the christmas party has been a bernalillo county jail tradition for 21 years. back to you. it's another nice night in

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