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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

DCF Issues No Contact Order Against Mom

DCF Issues No Contact Order Against Mom

The Florida Department of Children and Family service has issued a ‘no contact’ order that prevents a mother from Daytona Beach from seeing or speaking to her children.


  1. I read that story and it is ridiculous. Those kids need to mourn with their family together. I have never heard of this before.

  2. I have a court order that forbides me from contacting my grandsons, but the order is not in my name, nor do i have a restraining order against me.

    The statement, "Paternal grandmother is not to have contact with grandchildren," is on my son's dyfs court order! Without taking me to court, without charging me with a criminal or civil crime! I'm appalled that I am ordered to do or not to do something and am NOT entitled to have a copy of said order.
    Yet, if I violate this 'court order,' foster monster and I will end up in jail...not disclosed to the length of jail time, however,
    I am so grateful to the div of youth and family services of treating me with more regard than an abusive husband, an addict, or a child much to the BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD, DENYING HIM HIS GRANDMA...NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO TALK OVER THE PHONE? HOW THE HECK CAN I HURT MY GRANDSON BY SPEAKING TO HIM OVER THE PHONE...oh, I did, last year, the caseworker called me and threatened to put my ass in jail, I do not kid...

    My grandson has a better chance of getting hurt in the school yard than being hurt, assaulted, or abused by me!


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