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Friday, April 25, 2008

Raw Video: Sect Mom Makes 'SOS' Plea

An adult member of the West Texas polygamist sect held a sign out of a chartered bus that reads 'SOS Mothers Separated Help.' It comes after more than 400 children taken from the compound were sent to group homes and foster care facilities. (April 24)


  1. Anonymous2:28 AM

    Maybe the children could have made one of those signs too if they had only been allowed to have markers!!

  2. yeah, the CPS would have yanked those away too.

    I saw the Dateline INSIDE the ranch tour, they had schools, they had homes, and they have families that loved them.

    What happened here is wrong. I don't care if these people worshiped frogs....what WE have done as a country is WRONG....there is not any proof that these children were abused, all we have is a prank phone call.


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