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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

HELP THEM - Pensioner jailed 2 years - writing to Grandson

A Pensioner couple have been given jail sentences for getting in touch with their grandson. A 71 year old man, Charles Taylor, was jailed for 20 months during a private hearing, held without a jury. The grandmother was given a 2 year suspended sentence from the secret courts.
John Hemming, MP for Birmingham, Liberal Democrat is raising awareness of their sentences. ...

Ask your MP to Sign EDM 529!!! ...
The EDM asks that the Home Secretary releases Charles Taylor immediately.

Petitions to help us ... ... and

If CAFCASS are hurting you, write to your MP, you can tell your MP anything, AND show them your court documents.

Finally, help support the grandparents, by leaving comments on YouTube.

Can you leave comments and ratings, so that others will pick up this "gagged" story.

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