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Friday, April 18, 2008

CPS: Children removed from moms to get at truth

CPS: Children removed from moms to get at truth

"There was some sadness among the children," Meisner said at a briefing. "We explained to the children that we really believe that families should be together if at all possible, but unfortunately, sometimes that’s not possible."

Note: How cold!

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  1. The children, once they are removed from their fathers, are safe. I see no reason to remove them from their mothers, as long as the fathers are not in the picture. The mothers were raped themselves; most if not all the children are likely products of these rapes. It seems easy to me. Reunite the children with their mothers on the condition that new living conditions, without known perpetrator involvement (the men), will be made possible. If the women were constantly being traumatized by the brainwashing of the men, it stands to reason they will be better Moms without their threatening and constant presence.
    Deprogramming of the women will take time and patience. But it makes a lot more sense than the alternative of separating moms from kids.


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