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Friday, April 25, 2008

Save Families and Change The World

DCFS advertises nothing but adoption and public assistance for the foster families. Some are wealthy and get food stamps for our kids. Rarely have I ever actually seen it spent on the kids. My children always had marks, were ill and never dressed appropriately for the weather. You can easily tell the difference between the photos of when I had my kids and when they were in foster care. No baby should ever have a black eye. No baby should ever have to wear clothes size 7 when they're barely one. No baby should ever be sick seven months out of the year. Every baby should get medical attention when they need it. No baby should ever have to wear shoes that don't fit right, especially without socks, just because they are cheaper. Help me fight. I'm writing a book exposing DCFS as corrupt and expressing the need for DCFS to open an internal affairs department so things can be looked at from a third party perspective. If cops have to do it, so should DCFS! Help me convince a publisher that the people want to know the specifics and want my book to come out. Subscribe, rate, tell all your friends all about my mission to change things.

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  1. How about a national campaign. I head up a statewide neighborhood association, and in the process of establishing other associations in other states. What state are you in? We'll work with you in taking the issue national.

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