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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Forced Adoption - UK selling children for money

Who can help you? Call IAN JOSEPHS
This is the Gentleman who can help you for free, if you're facing a forced adoption in the UK (his website has been "live" for 4 years).
HELPLINE Telephone = 00 33 626 87 56 84
His email =
Website =

For goodness sake, reach out for help, this is too big and too important not to have everyone on side. Together we can do this!

The British government gives millions to local authorities who adopt the most children. A Bonus.

Parents are having children "adopted" for financial reasons. This is unethical and immoral - it amounts to selling children.

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  1. Anonymous6:34 PM

    hi my name is lisa hill and my baby has been legally kidnapped i tried 2 fight against social services,done everything what was asked of me would agree 2 anything as long as they didnt take her away.Anyway they all lied and the judge even believed them i couldnt understand why and 2 this day i still don t understand my life has changed ive changed


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