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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Child Kidnapping Services

Child Kidnapping Services

Judge Walther has ruled — and wasn’t the suspense terrific? — that the 416 abducted FLDS children will remain in "temporary" state custody.

This, despite the fact (as explained below), that the abuse report that provided the pretext for the raid was contrived. This, despite the admission, under oath, of Bruce Perry of the ChildTrauma Academy — an "expert" witness on behalf of the state — that the foster care system "would be destructive to these kids."

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  1. Anonymous6:46 PM

    My child went to private school, was an a/b student.
    I complained to the Police they were not doing anything about the drugdealer across the street after I was robbed due to the traffic. How was I to know that the dealers were the police?
    Single Mother/Falsely arrested/left arm almost severed...accused of any bull they can come up with.
    A therapist tried to get the child to speak badly about me, Mother. The Child had/has nothing to say, so they tried to put her on some meds. Child has suffered psycologically from the "therapist", the police man who stared at her in her underware, and the policeman that hurt her mothers arm in the Living room where she could hear her mother crying out, " My Arm, My Arm, u r hurting my arm."
    To Serve & Protect? Never betray the public?
    Who can protect us from them?
    They are the criminals.


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